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World Support for Cuba at WTO.

Posted by QB on May 23, 2007

Geneva, May 23 (Prensa Latina) Seven countries reiterated their support for Cuba s demands against the US at a meeting of the World Trade Organization s Dispute Settlement Body.

Brazil, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, India, Bolivia, and Vietnam expressed their solidarity with the Cuban cause over Washington s lack of progress to accomplish resolutions and recommendations by the WTO mechanism.

The delegations from those countries highlighted the US keeps violating the juridical principle contained in the Dispute Settlement Understanding, dealing with prompt fulfilment of rulings.

Similarly, they expressed dissatisfaction with the US report for being too brief and repetitive.

On Tuesday, Cuba slammed the US for its open maneuvers to reinforce illegal, unilateral measures attempting against its free trade and development.

Jorge Ferrer, minister-counselor of the Cuban permanent mission at the UN, said at the WTO Dispute Settlement mechanism that Washington repeats the same speech each month.

US President George W. Bush has reiterated he will veto any congressional bill aimed at softening or removing the White House anti-Cuba measures, he sustained.

Source : Latin American News Agency.

There is another report that US farmers will sign USD 150 million dollars with Cuba signing deal for Agriculture products. This is something that can happen with only US oppressive one sided policies which keep the American open to earn money from the country which has suffered so much with US embargo. Cuban government has spend USD 2.2 billion since 2001 buying American farm products.

Fidel Castro why are your government so much cash flow into US economy who wants Cubans to suffer and the whole country destroyed with embargo. Why not buy all the agriculture and farm products from some friendly country? China or any other Latin American country.


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