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Democrats and Republicans Claiming Victory.

Posted by QB on May 23, 2007

WASHINGTON – Republicans and Democrats alike are claiming victory as Congress moves toward passing this week a final Iraq spending bill that funds the war and does not order troops home.

“Democrats have finally conceded defeat in their effort to include mandatory surrender dates in a funding bill for the troops, so forward progress has been made for the first time in this four-month process,” said House Republican leader John Boehner R-Ohio.

“I think it’s a giant step to begin the end of this war,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-Calif.

This is really great that these politicians Democrats and Republicans so much care about their political gains and loses instead of solving the problem. Iraq is a mess, hundreds of people get killed every day, US troops in very difficult situation with no way out and they are claiming victory over War Spending Bill? They I believe don’t care for anything except keeping them in power.

There is a news one dead body found shot in the head and chest believe to be one of the missing US soldier. These politicians must pay attention to Iraq situation where they are facing a worst defeat instead of showing their joy on passing war spending bill.

9 U.S. troops die in Iraq. This is the reality which all the law makers including Bush mafia are completely ignoring.


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