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Pervez Musharraf Opposition Growing.

Posted by QB on May 22, 2007

Pakistan Pervez Musharraf is under tremendous pressure and looks like losing his power in Pakistan. Pervez Musharraf has lost the confidence of the country with rising violence from all walks of life including religious extremists. This is the result of Pervez Musharraf supporting Bush “war on terror” and recently firing Chief Justice. There is also enormous rise in religious extremists in NWFP including Islamabad where Mullah Mohammad Abdul Aziz and his students are in lock down situation in Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) demanding to implement the Islamic Laws. They have become so bold that they have taken few police officers hostages and Pervez Musharraf government is helpless to solve this situation. Pervez Musharraf can’t use force as this will create more anger and unrest so they are trying to resolve this situation with negotiations.  This Mullah students have burned tens of thousands of DVDs in Islamabad and Peshawar destroyed video shops and now are demanding to close down all the video shops. Mullah Aziz has set up his Islamic court in the mask and threatening suicide bombing if police raid the mosque or try to shut down his Islamic court.

There is also news that Pakistan forces strike in North Waziristan on US pressure reported killing four Al Qaeda members and the firing between Pakistan forces and the so called Al Qaeda is stilling going on with no final figures given on casualties. Pakistan tribal areas were under Federal Administration with their own laws and courts with no interference from Pakistan Military and now to be it looks like the Tribal Pashtoons are fighing Pakistan Military to protect their way of life and independence not Al Qaeda.

Bush and Dick who put so much pressure on Pervez Musarraf to strike the tribal areas infact had weaken his government. Will Pervez Musharraf survive this latest growing opposition I really don’t know have to look deep into Pakistan news.


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