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The World Depressing Situation.

Posted by QB on May 19, 2007

The world news is so depressing that there is no hope for better peaceful future all around the world. Bush is fighting his favorite “war on terror”. Palestinians are busy killing each other for material gains and power. Israel are killing Palestinians to protect their sacred land given to them by God. Sunni and Shias killing each other in Iraq. The recent violence in Pakistan where 42 people get killed in clashes over removing some Judge from the Supreme Court. All these killings could have been avoided if people try to solve their differences with dialogue instead of violence.

The Palestine separate state which majority of Muslims believe will eliminate all the violence to me will resolve nothing and will not bring peace and stability in Middle East. The Palestinians if given a separate independent State will kill each other for power. Israel should work on this plan to give Palestinians seperate independent state and let them kill each other for power. Easy solution for Israel Palestinian problem.

Pakistan situation is becoming violent where extremism in NWFP and Baluchistan is on the rise and they will have elections this year which will consolidate Mullahs rule in both of these provinces. These Mullahs don’t have enough support in Sind and Punjab to take over the Federal government and this is my own analysis based on Pakistan news.

Iraq where people are suffering because of Bush stupidity was really better off with Saddam Hussein where people were living in peace without the fear of blown up by bombs rockets mortars phosphorous bombs.

The only positive news coming from Latin America and that is due to Hugo Chavez strong leadership who is trying to improve the conditions of poor people with his bold policies by providing free health care, free education providing better living conditions for poor common people of Venezuela as well as in the poor neighboring countries. Hugo Chavez ofcourse is “Evil” according to US standards because he is not protecting the interests of “BIG CORPORATIONS”.

Caracas, May 19 (Prensa Latina) President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez said on Saturday that his country is not only struggling for its independence and sovereignty, but also for the fate of humankind.

He spoke at the opening of International Meetings convened here by multi-state Telesur channel under the theme “The right of every citizen to inform and be informed.”

Chavez stressed that what is happening here is not only for the sake of Venezuela, but for sovereignty and independence around the world. “It is in fact a battle in which all humankind is at stake,” he said.

He explained that the simple sovereign action of failing to renew the concession for private Radio Caracas Television channel (RCTV) has triggered a world battle around the Bolivarian Revolution.

Source : Venezuela, World at Stake, Chavez.

Hugo Chavez is still “EVIL” because he is working to make this world peaceful place.

The violence can be eliminated with completely overhauling people minds by making them realize that no religion justify violence and killings and blood not really makes God happy.


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