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Bush – Escalation plan already failed.

Posted by QB on May 16, 2007

Bush regime who believed that increasing the small number of troops in Iraq will solve all their problems already started showing signs of failures. There violence is increasing with the reports that Green Zone was hit last night with mortars. There is no decrease in bombings of civilians in Baghdad and North and last week Kurdish North was hit which was  peaceful comparing to Sunni and Shia dominated Iraq. There is also a sharp increase of attacks on US occupation troops with increased casualties. Bush and Dick will deny all the facts with their usual lies that US is winning in Iraq and the terrorists are losing. They will insists to stick to the plan and ask US citizens to wait until September when they have to evaluate present plan but that does not mean that Bush is ready accept that US the superpower “GOOD” has lost the “war on terror” against very weak  “EVIL Enemy Towel-head fan belt wearing Arabs”. This is what these war mongers call the Arabs also called them  “Sand Niggers”. Bush will try to adopt another plan in September because he believes that one day he wake up and Iraq will become a model democracy which is not going to happen as this is their must stupid assumptions.

The Condooleezza Rice talking directly to Iran and Syria will not change anything now in Iraq. Ahmedinejad yesterday issued very tough message probably responding directly to Dick threats that US troops must leave their region and still wanted to talk to US on Iraq situation.  The talks now can’t bring stability and peace in Iraq its too late. The only way US can win this war is to nuke whole Iraq.

Bush was the very wrong choice for President like John McCain Mick Romney and Rudy Giuliani are the wrong candidates for Presidency.


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