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Mullah Dadullah death.

Posted by QB on May 14, 2007

There are plenty of people searching Mullah Dadullah death and the reason I have said nothing about it that this is nothing so significant to bring down Taliban. Bush regime and US media is reporting this to be the biggest blow to Taliban since the begining of Afghanistan invasion and occupation. It is reported as the biggest victory on Bush “war on terror” on CNN. The people if themselves just analyze the facts they should come to the conclusion that death of one of Taliban commander is not that important which will bring down Taliban. The Bush regime over play the death of anyone related to Al Qaida or Taliban because they really did not achieve any success with their “war on terror”.

Bush regime including Dick believed that Saddam Hussein capture will bring the violence down, wrong only their wishful thinking because the people who are Resisting US occupation never had any intentions of bringing Saddam Hussein to power. Than they thought with the Puppet Iraqi government and murdering Saddam Hussein will break the Iraqi Resistance which again proved to be wrong.

Abu Musaf Al Zarqawi was reported by the news media as the main force behind Iraqi Resistance and he get killed too without any decrease in violence. These all people who are fighting US occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan knows that one day they will die and to them it is the greatest reward for their struggle to get martyr.

Mullah Dadullah knows that someday he might die in battle field and thats what happened and he must have been already replaced with some other Commander. Mullah Dadullah will always be respected by Taliban as their “Martyr Commander” who sacrifice his life fighting foreign occupation. Mullah Dadullah will not bring any change for Taliban policies and strategy even if Mullah Omar or Osama Bin Laden get killed because I know Afghans mentality to fight the occupiers for decades. The only way to win Bush “war on terror” is to fight the war  intelligently which Bush regime doesn’t have any.

Bush and Dick are tough talking guys who always ignore the facts.


2 Responses to “Mullah Dadullah death.”

  1. baba kalli said

    even we seaching for mullah history but recentelly annouce in bbc was shoot down, the question here is that, is he shoot down or is he alive?

  2. QB said

    Baba Kalli according to news and pictures Mullah Dadullah is dead. His brother is the new commander of Taliban group which was under Dadullah.

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