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Hugo Chavez Efforts Changing Latin America.

Posted by QB on May 12, 2007

Hugo Chavez peaceful efforts are making life much more pleasant for poor common people of Latin. Hugo Chavez who has provided financial help to countries like Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua where people life quality has improved.

La Paz, May 11 (Prensa Latina) President Evo Morales expressed respect and admiration for the Cuban physicians working in Bolivia and pointed out that for the the first time his people are receiving quality assistance.

Morales, at Friday s Patakamaya, La Paz, inauguration of the 22nd hospital constructed with Cuban equipment and personnel, was accompanied by Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque.

The statesman thanked Cuba for its solidarity in providing the medical centers and for the staff at the 11 ophthalmologic clinics that have operated on some 80,000 Bolivians.

The president requested applause for Fidel (Castro), this comrade who works for education and health care for Latin American, with no strings attached, he said.

Bolivia no longer needs the IMF or World Bank, which terms contribute to poverty and lead to violent clashes, he said, since its economy is improving: international reserves grow and it has nearly five percent fiscal surplus, the highest in the past 30 years.

President Morales recalled that this is all owed to the nationalization of fuel and recovery of other natural resources, worthwhile struggles begun by social sectors.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is to pay an official visit to Iran soon, as the two countries wage a battle against US unilateralism.

The president Hugo Chavez warned that humankind is threatened by poverty and the destruction of the environment, and wondered why the rich do not understand the need for a poverty-free world.

He noted that “only that way we will have a world of justice and peace” and denounced those who think that violence can be fought with bombs and invasions.

This is crazy, violence generates violence and Iraq is the best example, Chavez stressed. Latin America News Agency.


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