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Dick threatening Iran.

Posted by QB on May 12, 2007

Aboard an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf 150 miles off Iran’s coast, Vice President Cheney warned Tehran yesterday that the United States and its allies will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, close off vital sea lanes for oil supplies, or control the Middle East.

“Throughout the region our country has interests to protect and commitments to honor,” Cheney told Navy staff aboard the USS John C. Stennis. “With two carrier strike groups in the Gulf, we’re sending clear messages to friends and adversaries alike. We’ll keep the sea lanes open. We’ll stand with our friends in opposing extremism and strategic threats. We’ll disrupt attacks on our own forces. We’ll continue bringing relief to those who suffer and delivering justice to the enemies of freedom.”

Source : The Washington Post.

Dick is the most brutal murderer who talked about attacks and invasions without shame and emotions. Dick is trying to please Israel here and promising them that US will only allow them to be the dominant nuclear power in Middle East. Israel is the biggest threat to any peaceful Middle East solution and the whole world knows this fact. Iran is too far away from building nuclear weapons if they really are trying to build nuclear weapons.

Dick tough talk is nothing more than empty threats because US is in no position to attack Iran. Iran is prepared to defend itself in case of any US or Israel attack. He is serious than why not just attack Iran instead of creating tension with Iran which is creating more confusion and fear in Middle East. Osama Bin Laden will be very happy with US attacking Iran as well as Pastor Hagee, Rev. Pat Robertson and Rev. Falwell and it will provide new life to Ehud Olmert political life.

The are plenty of poor people who will go fight and die for your war and people like Dick and Bush has nothing to lose, they are eliminating the poverty in US.


One Response to “Dick threatening Iran.”

  1. A*M*A*M*M*M*S*! said

    Where…, O W=H=E=R=E…., was THIS fited for 2oo3 statement -and the TEETH to back it up with TOTAL Ultimatums to ALL Middle East Nations INCLUDING ‘isreal’ $o mi$called…, and at least ONE left with a propane DESTROYED TOTALLY capital city after 24 hours humanitarian warning to evacuate -OR TAKE WHAT W=I=L=L COME!?
    Yes folks, where was ALL OF T=H=I=S, back when it MIGHT have at least had SOME chance of some success over in that shithole/desert!?
    Because THIS was not even THOUGHT of, let alone SAID AND MEANT, -doubly let alone D=O=N=E IN 24 HOURS BY THE CLOCK, the whole mess BOTH militarily AND politically is over and O=U=T.
    Therefore, “O HUMANITY ENTIRE, The LAURD One IS! Moses, Jesus, Paul, Muhammahd A-U-R His Prophets!” -not just “are”…,
    (“Aur” or “light” is our oldest word for what Einstein said it is:- “Its ALL speed and FLAME”….. All literally IS light -radiatingly! Now that AALL politics I$ at DEAD end$ from pole to pole, THAT which was, THAT which is, THAT which ever shall be…, DICTATES EXPLICITLY “Hear O Humanity” -because we CANNOT SEE so at least “HEAR!” -“HEAR! O HUMANITY, THE LAURD ONE IS! -MOSES -JESUS -PAUL -MUHAMMAHD A=U=R HIS PROPHETS!” -PLURAL!)

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