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Germany Assaults Bush on Wolfowitz.

Posted by QB on May 11, 2007

Conservative typical hypocrisy is very clear with lying and spinning the straight forward matter of corruption. Wolfowitz is corrupt and very incompetent person as the chief architect of the Iraq war or World Bank President.

These conservatives included Turkey Presidential elections and Iran to win the minds of conservatives.

The conventional wisdom, nourished by the Bush Administration, is that Germany is a faithful US ally. The truth is that Germany, backed by Iran, has declared war on the US.

Turkey Presidential elections has nothing to do with World Bank and they will always try to have good relations with Iran. Turkey and Iran will always be in agreement crushing Kurdish movements who are trying to establish Kurdish state. The Prime Minister Erdogan and his party has done nothing against the constitution and they are facing opposition from secular Military and people because they follow Islam. The religion is their own personal choice which they are not trying to introduced to their government system.


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