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Chavez encourages allies to support Iran.

Posted by QB on May 11, 2007

Hugo Chavez is encouraging his Latin American government to have close economic relations with Iran which is offering trade concessions and financial incentives. Iran is winning support in the region with Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia with Venezuela developing very close relationship with Iran.

“The struggle for justice and truth in the framework of economic development is the principle objective of the government in Nicaragua and of our friends in Iran,” said Mr. Ortega when Mr. Mottaki arrived after stopping in Venezuela for talks with Mr. Chavez.

Mr. Ortega called Iran a “victim” of the U.S., which he accused of “supporting terrorism.”

Speaking in the rural Bolivian community of San Julian on the same day, Mr. Morales told peasant supporters to grow soybeans to export to Iran.

“In the last meeting I had with the ambassador of Iran, he told me that his country will buy all the production that we generate,” Mr. Morales said in announcing the imminent arrival of an Iranian trade delegation.

Bolivian officials say that they need new markets for agricultural products, which may lose U.S. tariff preferences over Mr. Morales’ refusal to sign a free-trade agreement with Washington and eradicate coca plantations that supply international cocaine traffickers.

Officials also credit Iran with offering much needed aid and investment.

With Mr. Morales sitting next to him on his Sunday TV talk show, “Alo Presidente,” Mr. Chavez called on Iran to “analyze ways” of incorporating Bolivia and other members of his Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) into existing economic agreements with Venezuela.

ALBA is a socialist common-market initiative originally formed between Venezuela and Cuba, which has recently incorporated Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Source : World Peace Herald.

This new alliance building up in Latin America is the result of Bush regime failed foreign policies with all their energies focused on invasion and occupation and imposing sanctions on Iran. There are also reports that Hugo Chavez is interested in building nuclear power plant in Venezuela with Iran co-operation. Hugo Chavez has proved again that he is better leader than Bush who has peaceful goals with providing economic and social benefits for the common people. This is the right way to go for the world peace.


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