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Venezuelan diplomat tweaks U.S. over Bush’s expanded powers, Chavez criticism.

Posted by QB on May 10, 2007

This is very fair criticism of Bush regime and democracy. The Venezuela Diplomat defened Hugo Chavez constitution ammendments and giving him more power to implement social equality laws.

SAN FRANCISCO- Venezuela’s ambassador to the United States defended the expanded presidential powers of his nation’s leader on Wednesday, saying they were necessary to enact Hugo Chavez’s vision of a socialist democracy.Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez Herrera suggested that American critics of Chavez’s new prerogatives were being hypocritical when President Bush has claimed broad authority to combat terrorism and restore a robust executive branch.

“Why, when you give a lot of power to your president, it’s good, and when we grant powers to our president, it’s bad? I really want to know this,” the ambassador asked an audience at the World Affairs Council of Northern California.

Several listeners replied that they did not think allowing Bush more power was a good idea.

In January, Venezuelan lawmakers granted Chavez free rein to accelerate changes in broad areas of society by presidential decree. The mandate covered matters such as the economy, particularly the nation’s oil industry, to “social matters” and the very structure of the state.

Chavez is committed to transforming Venezuela into a more egalitarian socialist state, Alvarez said. “Sometimes this sense of commitment needs strong leadership,” he said. more…..


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