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Lou Dobbs. Shut up.

Posted by QB on May 9, 2007

Lou Dobbs just shut up stop your hatred filled racist broadcast every night on CNN. You are constantly doing it non stop. You wrap up your hatred with laws, border security, terrorism, fighting terrorism and patriotism but it is clear that you are speaking against the your brown Mexicans. Actually Lou Dobbs is against everything in the world all colored people, all religions, China, Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, Muslims. Lou Dobbs is the only extremists racists alive in USA.

You better watch Penn and Teller BullS**t last episode and they have reached to better conclusion in just one thirty minutes episode. I am sure you will find this particular episode which deals with border security building fences terrorism and patriotism.

The only way to get you off the air is to encourage people stop watching your program which will result in lower ratings and this is the only way CNN will send you home.


2 Responses to “Lou Dobbs. Shut up.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Lou Dobbs…. Shut the #^%@# UP!!!!

  2. stop illegals said

    Lou, keep up the good work!!!

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