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Hugo Chavez – Constitution ammendments.

Posted by QB on May 9, 2007

Hugo Chavez constitution reforms referendum will held in early 2008. The Presidential Committee is still drafting possible reforms which may included to end term limit for President.

Chavez told reporters “there’s not much hurry” for the reforms, and stressed they were not being carried out “in secret,” the newspaper said. He didn’t say if he’d meanwhile seek to extend his presidential decree powers, granted by legislators in January for a period of 18 months, the newspaper said.

These Presidential term limits are inspired by US term limit and personally I don’t like the term limits. There should be no term limits for President because only the brightest and intelligent will get elected more than two limits ofcourse with popular public support. It was really painful to see Bill Clinton to leave the office because of term limit clause included into US Constitution. Putin who is very still very popular can’t because Russia too have included the clause that President cannot hold office more then two consecutive terms.

Term limit is not very democratic.


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