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Dick Cheney in Iraq.

Posted by QB on May 9, 2007

Dick Cheney visited Iraq issued joint statement with puppet Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki. There is nothing new as usual they promised to keep working together for Iraq so called democracy. Nuri Al Maliki is not a person to be trusted by US occupation military and the Iraqis who has not done anything to stop the sectarian violence. The fact is that Nuri Al Maliki is fueling this conflict because his government is reluctant to introduced laws to share the Oil revenues with Sunnis and Kurds. Sunni Vice President is threatening to quit Nuri Al Maliki government because he is under tremendous pressure from Iraqi Sunnis.

CNN reported on May 1, 2007 following story which expose true nature of Nuri Al Maliki and his agenda.

Shadowy Iraq office accused of sectarian agenda.

Gen. Petraeus is saying what all the previous Generals were saying when they were in Iraq. Things will get worst before getting better. We are listening this since the invasion and US Generals assessments are wrong as they are not telling the truth. These Generals are not fairly analyzing the situation instead they are wishing for some miracle to happen. The present escalation of troops plan will end up in failure just like all their previous plans.


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