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Turkey Presidential Elections.

Posted by QB on May 1, 2007

Turkey Presidential election caught my attention last week after watching CNN with thousands of Turks protesting against the Presidential candidate Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul of ruling party because his wife wears head scarf or Hijab and the secular fear that the ruling party has the Islamic agenda. This is the ugly extremism of secular minded people who don’t want to give her freedom of choice by protesting against the government. Personally I don’t believe head scarf is something religious, its the matter of personal choice some women like to keep their heads cover which not only includes Muslim women but also Orthodox Christians and Jews. I or any other person don’t have the right to tell women what to wear and not to wear simply let them dress up how they feel comfortable.

Turkey secular protests against the Presidential candidate is wrong because the ruling party did not violated country constitution and head scarf is not threat to their secular form of government. Turkey Military is warning to intervene but I am glad that EU has issued a very strong statement telling Military to keep away from democratic system. The extremism is dangerous whether its secular or religious.

The next vote will be on Wednesday and am waiting for the result with interest.


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