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Posted by QB on April 23, 2007

Iraq is still the hottest issue in US politics and after reading Jack’s comments decided to add this post after very long absence. I personally opposed the invasion of Afghanistan as well as Iraq because according to my analysis it would be mistake to invade these countries in the name of fighting “war on terror”. There were diplomatic solutions even in Afghanistan where all these killings and destruction could have be avoided. Talibans asked Bush regime to show them Osama Bin Laden involvement in 9/11 attack and they will hand over Osama Bin Laden to international criminal court. But we all know that Bush was flying high on polls arrogantly rejected this reasonable offer with stupid reasoning that the proof is the matter of “national security”. How could proof of some crime can be matter of “national security”? I really did not understand this at that time and still trying to figure out why Bush regime insists of keeping hundreds of people without charging them with any crime or showing the evidence of their involvement. Had Bush regime not turned down Taliban reasonable offer the world would have been better place and the “war on terror” could really have made progress because Osama Bin Laden would have lost all sympathies and support which he is getting by US invasion of Afghanistan. Bush as we all know really have much knowledge about culture, history of Afghanistan and Iraq did not know that Afghans has the history of fighting foreign occupation for decades and that’s exactly what they are doing now.

Iraq invasion was the biggest mistake after Afghanistan which turned the majority of the common Muslims against US. Bush regime invaded Iraq with lies and news network media with Ted Turner telling Wolf Blitzer that CNN has sold this war on prime time. The same news Anchors who were pushing for Iraq invasion has now turned against this war including Wolf Blitzer, Lou Dobbs, Paula Zahn.

Bush regime is good when it comes to slogans and sound bites are now using “They will follow us if we leave Iraq”. This is the most absurd reason because the truth is that Iraqis never attacked US never had the capability to attack US in the past or they will have the capability to attack US in future.

Iraq now politicised with both Democrats and Republicans are using to rally support for the next election. Bush promised to keep fighting this lost war as long as he is in White House. There are only few Democrats who had the courage to oppose this unnecessary bloody war since begining and I have lots of respect for them. Dennis Kucinich, Sen. Kennedy are the most prominent opponent of Iraq war and they know that there will be no victory what Bush hopes with escalation of troops. Michael Ware reporting from Baghdad the other day told Wolf Blitzer that Generals thinkg that there is no military solution of Iraq and Gen. Petraeus don’t know whether the escalation of troops will bring the desired stability until late summer.

The majority of people are worried about the deaths of their troops, don’t they know that when they go to war they will get killed and injured. Lou Dobbs is now worried about the rising casualties rate in Iraq should have read my blog where I predicted exactly this with the troops escalation.

There is unfortunately no solution which can bring stability and peace in Iraq. Bush is never tired of praising the new puppet Iraqi government which to him is the greatest victory, to me is another failure of Iraq invasion which has given power to sectarian religious groups by toppling down Iraq secular government.


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