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Spam. This post is only for you SOB.

Posted by QB on April 21, 2007

This message for you SOB who is posting pornographic links with one sentence “I am agree with you …. I think”. You are a retard characterless stupid who believes that this stupid sentence will make me happy to post your links. I advice you to find better ways of earning money than try to make few bucks with your sick links.

Following is one of your stupid comment.

I’m agree with you, i think… Gillette mach 3 turbo …

It look like you bastards spend all day on my blogs posting your links. What you are not understanding that your comments will never make it to the blog. You all are SOBs who are only wasting your time.

How do you like that now you SOBs have to provide me the name (which ofcourse will be fake) and your email address when posting comment. Spammers email address not only will be visible here but I will make sure to make is visible for the large number of people.

You SOB Bastard “I’m agree with you, i think… “. I know that you have plenty of adult pictures as it look like you are running home base business by taking pictures of your mother, sisters, wife and daughters and with you recent posts your grandmother and aunts too are in your nudity business. You are wasting you time as your comments willl never be posted and trust me I will never click on any of your disgusting links. You are Dirty PIMP from Amsterdam.


2 Responses to “Spam. This post is only for you SOB.”

  1. You`re having a little bit of crisis here,aren`t you? I think we`re all having the same problem here. But making a whole post just to reply to these spamers is not going to work. They never stop. WordPress is a very good platform to use for blogging actually but this problem is what makes it no.2. You know blogspot.com? It is a great blogging website as well. It requires those who post their comments to enter a code before commenting. Just like when you sign up a Yahoo email. It prevents all those spammers because they easily get bored entering codes at every blog they spam so they turn to another blogging website which does not have that utility. I think this is how we all can get rid of this spamming thing. But WordPress should start working to provide that kind of utility.

  2. These guys are such pure evil that I lost my temper and decided to take them on insulting them directly. They are still posting their links actually wasting their time.

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