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US Chinook helicopter shot down 7 dead.

Posted by QB on February 7, 2007

This is the fifth helicopter shot down in last two weeks and US military commander admitted that Iraqi resistance now have acquired better skills to shoot down the helicopters. A Chinook has two crew members and can carry up to 55 passengers. They are used widely to transport troops and cargo around Iraq. The US military at this time did not confirm any casualties. The eye witness farmer who was half a mile away reported that he saw helicopter flying over and then heard the missile fire which turned this helicopter into fire ball it spin twice in the air and went down.

There is no improvement in Iraq situation with Bush “way forward” policy. The situation on the ground is detirioating to worst with bombs killing hundreds of civilians on daily basis and US with Iraqi forces have no success . The other day Michael Ware reported that Shia blame US for all daily bombing of the civilians. According to Michael Ware report the latest offensive against militias had make them to disappear which has caused the vaccum in securing their neighborhoods which is making it for anyone to bomb and kill civilians. Iraqi believes that US can’t provide them the security.

What is the solution? There is really no solution to stabilize Iraq. Bush stupidity is to blame who went into Iraq believing Paul Wolfowitz that US military will be greeted as liberators and the cost of war will be covered with Iraq’s Oil Export. The truth is that this stupid Bush war has already cost US over trillion dollars.

Total War Cost so far : 330 Billion

Additional supplement cost for this year : 100 Billion

Cost for 2008 : 145 Billion

Estimated cost to pay benefits and medical care for the wounded over 40 years : 640 Billion

The war supporters if still want to continue this useless unnecessary illegal criminal war, sure why not spend few more hundreds of billions of your money and don’t forget the human cost.

Al Qaeda claim responsibility for shooting down Chinook helicopter.

Al-Qaida-tied rebels claim hit on copter.

U.S. helicopter crashes in Iraq; 7 dead

The usual Bush mafia spin started with one more helicopter shot down blaming it on mechanical fault. Bush mafia is expert in manipulating the real deaths and wounded since the invasion started under labels like died in hostile fire, accidental deaths, not letting the media cover the dead bodies arriving in US. There is no way of knowing what is going on with these criminals holding on to power.


3 Responses to “US Chinook helicopter shot down 7 dead.”

  1. Manas said

    The US armymen are dying. More than them, civilians are dying. But the king is not happy. Oil is so dear! To control the world, oil is necessary.

    US is in terrible mess now.

  2. ford1123 said

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    Link deleted. The link leads to page which required some video download which to me is very suspicious.

  3. QB said

    Ford posted this comment without checking your link trusting you that it is about Ford trying to make some money.

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