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Presidential Race 2008.

Posted by QB on February 3, 2007

Presidential Race for 2008 already started which is very crowded on both sides Republicans and Democrats. Hillary Clinton is front runner on Democrats side and Rudy Giuliani and John McCain are front runner on Republican side but this really doesn’t mean that the front runner will win the nomination of their parties as it is too early to predict the nominee.

The front runner Hillary Clinton who voted for the invasion of Iraq now assuring voters that she will end the war in January 2009 if elected. She is front runner right now because of her name recognition not because she really have the real solution for Iraq.

The only Presidential candidate who voted against the invasion of Iraq is Dennis Kucinch who opposed this invasion since the very beginning with Sen. Barrak Obama who was against the invasion. Dennis Kucinich had the perfect solution for Iraq in 2004 election to give control to UN Peace Keeping troops and withdraw but unfortunately majority of Democrats did not understand his very balanced plan as they believed Bush mafia propaganda that US is winning the war in Iraq and there are few terrorists who are standing in their way. Dennis Kucnich this time had no chance of winning the nomination of his party but he is one honest politician overshadowed by charismatic liars and manipulators.

Hillary Clinton is typical politician who is not very truthful, not very honest just like Rudy Giuliani and John McCain who only play for the the audiance and on camera hiding their real personalities effectively.

John Edwards who voted for the war and applogise to the American public in last election is better than Hillary Clinton.

Barrak Obama is the fresh breeze of air in American politics and love to see him on the Presidential ticket because the poor guy don’t have any chance of winning the nomination not because he is not qualified but because of his skin color and America is not really ready to elect a Black African as their President just like they are not ready to elect women.

This is my initial observation until the first first primary debate which would be on April 4, 5, 2007.


5 Responses to “Presidential Race 2008.”

  1. unitedcats said

    Hmm, by 2008 the situation may be so bad that the only thing our politicians will be running for is the Canadian border. Going to be an interesting election, that’s for sure. JMO —Doug

  2. Hi

    You made a drive by comment on a post of mine a while back and said you weren’t bothering to say much because I couldn’t possibility understand your point of view.

    I wanted to let you know you might have judged me a bit too quickly.

    After reading your last few posts, I saw nothing beyond my comprehension and frankly saw little to disagree with. I recognize you work to produce neutral news-type posts, where I do not.

    Feel free to visit again and have your say at your convenience.

    Besides, continuous agreement means someone is disinterested , uninteresting or or just lazy.


  3. bereans said

    HI QB!

    Hope you are well. One of my favorite sayings is that, “no matter WHO one votes for GOVERNMENT gets elected”. I don’t have a lot of faith in our government anymore–no matter who is in control. The only hope for our country is the rise of a third party, and our nation has not hurt enough yet for that to happen.

    I have no interest in Senator Clinton being elected, but I think that she will be our next president. There is one thing that many Americans underestimate and that is AMBITION–she has it in truck loads! In the Democrat camp, the Kucinich’s, Obama’s will fall by the wayside–the Clinton’s own the Democrat Party.

    As far as the Republicans, I think that Guliani will win the nomination–but I think Clinton’s camp has already figured that one out. If they can play on his pro-abortion stigma, they will be able to turn most of the evangelical Christian away. If they are successful with that, then it may work. The only chance the Repubs have is a McCain/Guliani ticket…something that might happen. I personally think that Romney will lose steam, and George Allen has no chance.

    While I have little emotion invested, I find these things interesting and entertaining.

    Take care!


  4. bereans said

    P.S. When you have a sec, QB, can you let me know a little background for your choice of your blog name? I would find that history interesting!


  5. Hi Jack,

    Nice hearing from you. I agree what you said about politics that Democrats and Repulicans are not very different from each other.

    The Bible – Qur’an represents the all three monothistic religions and politics Judaism – Christianity and Islam. The only objective I have with this blog to speak against the wrong concepts of all three religions which has become the mandatory part of religion and politics. There will be peace tolerance and respect for with majority of people realizing that God does not want us to kill each other in His name. The truth is God wants us to live peacefully with all the religious differences and leave the judgement to God on the judgement day.

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