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Deaths destructions and killings.

Posted by QB on February 2, 2007

Deaths destruction and killings that’s what going on presently with no hope of any peace among the fighting factions in Middle East. Bush is killing to win his war on terror. Iraqi Sunni Shia are killing each other in the name of their twisted interpretation of religion. Palestinians are killing each other for control of power where Hamas and Fatah are fighting and killing innocent civilians. There is tension between Hezbollah and Sunni Christians coalition in Lebanon which is a time bomb which can explode anytime. US troops are dying fighting George W. Bush war with one more helicopter shot down.

The madness and hatred is so strong that nobody is thinking intelligently that killing each other will not resolve anything it will make the situation worst. The life in Middle East has become so difficult that death look like the more attractive option for common poor people.

I hate all this violence will keep my mouth shut because there is nothing I can do to stop all this madness.


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