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Bush – Iraq way forward.

Posted by QB on January 27, 2007

Bush is stubborn who is insisting his way forward policy of increasing the number of troops will stabilize the violent situation in Iraq. Bush is stubborn to the level of complete stupidity. The troops increase will not make Iraq a peaceful democratic country with Maliki Shia holding power to protect his own people. There is sharp escalation of violence in Iraq after Bush “way forward” policy of increasing troops is made public. Iraqi resistance getting bolder when they attacked US base in Karbala and they might do it again once they get succeeded in killing 5 US soldiers. Bush is completely lost his mind that he is incapable of understanding the reality that his own party Senators and House Representatives start opposing his Iraq policy.

Today is the day of Anti War protests and according to news report tens of thousands attended the protest. I don’t think that these protests are going to change anything as long as Bush dictator is in White House. The only “way forward” for US is complete withdrawal of its troops from Iraq which ofcourse will be their second greatest defeat after Vietnam and Al Qaeda will immediately claim victory. Al Qaeda Aymen Al Zahawari already released new video message mocking Bush administration on increasing the number of troops. We might see some very strong message from Osama Bin Laden after US withdrawal.

Bush regime always made mistake in analyzing the Iraq’s situation putting their hopes that capture of Saddam Hussein will break the backbone of Iraqi Resistance, so called elections will bring peace and stability, killing Saddam Hussein will make Iraq heaven and now this new “way forward” policy. We don’t have to wait too long to see this new plan failed just like all the previous plans in four years.


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