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Can Hugo Chavez Beat The Devil?

Posted by QB on January 13, 2007

This is excellent article I found on Latin America soclalists governing and Hugo Chavez.
Can Hugo Chavez Beat The Devil?

This will be very difficult for US conservatives to understand what he said in this article.


7 Responses to “Can Hugo Chavez Beat The Devil?”

  1. bereans said

    Hi QB!

    Interesting article. I guess that I have found this type of person to be fairly predictable. They believe:

    America- Bad
    Capitalism – Bad
    Personal Responsibility – Bad
    Accountability – Bad
    Military – Bad
    Morals – Bad
    Religion – Bad
    Bush – Bad
    Republicans – Bad
    Conservative – Bad
    Democracy – Bad
    Fossil Fuels/Oil Companies – Bad
    Walmart – Bad

    The believe religiously that:

    Any country that is critical of America – Good
    Dictator – Good
    Socialism – Good
    Welfare/Entitlement – Good
    Immoraliy – Good
    Clinton – Good
    Democrats – Good

    Even though these people are often concrete in thought (rigid–fundamental) their lives often don’t reflect their conviction. They live off the spoils capitalism produces with relish (heap unto themselves material/wealth, etc.), they drive cars that consume large amounts of oil, they are quick to condemn others based on their own “religious” mindset (I have found many of these people to be very self-righteous and judgemental–just like religious fundamentalists), etc. I think that it is indicative of America’s spoiled generation–a generation who has had everything given to it on a silver platter, and have no clue what it is like to live under governments other than ours. QB, I have lived all over the world, under dictatorships and socialism. Average Americans have no clue about how it is to live outside of thier own city or state, much less the country–so they make many unfounded assertions and assumptions. Part of our naive culture, I guess.

    QB, we live in a world where people only like to deal in absolutes, no one conceding to the points of the other side. That is the reason we have people in this country that think that all Muslims are terrorists and that all Baptists are skinhead Nazis. 🙂 Mr. Sherwood in his article deals much in stereotypes, generalization and absolutes. I find it hard to take articles like his very seriously.

    Btw, thank you for adding me to your blogroll! I would love to do the same with yours if that would ok.

    Take care!


    P.S. We have had millions of South Americans cross the border to come to America–I do not see them headed for Venezuela. ha!

  2. Hi Jack,

    Interesting comment. The South Americans come to US because they can live and work here in much more humane conditions which provide foods and other benefits for their family. US still is very attractive option if you compared it with the rest of the world. Corruption, crimes, and oppression are the rule in majority of the world. They can’t go to Vietnam because there are no economic benefit for them. I criticise the wrong policies of US always admiring what is good in US. You can add my blog if you want to.

    Best Regards,

  3. bereans said

    Hi QB!

    You are one of the reasonable people on this earth!

    Look forward to your next post–am learning a lot reading through your blog.


  4. Mick said

    Jack- Excellent points! Take a look at my blog: sadbastards.wordpress.com. You have a high IQ.

  5. Mick said


    Would you think Hugo Chavez would be a member of the Democrat Party, Republican or Independent party in America.

    — Mick

  6. Mick,

    Certainly not Democrat or Republican but extreme left independent Party.

    US democracy is not very much democratic. US politics is under strict dictatorship of two parties with ofcource with the help of their masters Corporations.

  7. Mick said

    Chavez is taking American assets. How long will we put up with that?

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