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Bush – 20,000 more troops for Iraq?

Posted by QB on January 10, 2007

Bush will announce his Iraq’s step forward policy tonight but all the speculaion is that he will increase 20,000 more US troops. I really don’t understand how these 20,000 additional troops are going help Bush already lost war in Iraq. The situation could improve if additional 20,000 are deployed in Baghdad for short term because Iraqi Resistance will fade away from the city and start their violence in some other places. The other scenrio would be that 10,000 troops deployed in Baghdad and 10,000 in Anbar provice which is in control of Iraqi Resistance but this will not be effective because Iraqi Resistance has grown since the invasion and they have more fighting experence what they will do to keep striking on the softer side of US occupation troops with the IED and RPG.

Sectarian violence will continue because it has the backing of puppet Iraqi Prime Minister and Ayatollah Sistani (Satan) and Muqtada Al Sadr.

The additaional numbers of troops are so small that it really change nothing in Iraq.


5 Responses to “Bush – 20,000 more troops for Iraq?”

  1. I was thinking about this yesterday for an entry on the blog.

    And it’s the Administrations way of saying “we did everything we could do.” If it is temporarily successful, then it will give the Administration the opportunity to quickly pull out of Iraq. Thing is, Republicans don’t want to look weak in front of Democrats.


  2. Hi Dmitri

    The only way is pull out. There is nothing now US can do to win this war. Bush mafia will claim at some point that they win the war in Iraq with toppling down Saddam Hussein government. Bush mafia will claim Saddam Hussein murder as another victory on their stupid “war on terror’ and come back home to be welcome as US heros who saved USA from destruction and you know this will be all propagenda. Iraqi Resistance is playing cat and mouse game with US occupation troops and they certainly not in hurry to drive the occupation troops out of Iraq, they will fight with their own pace and place of choosing as long as it take and US really dosen’t have patience to fight his war for very long time.

  3. Hi QB,

    Everyone else in the reality-based community but the militarily bumbling but grossly profiteering Bush-mafia see the death wish in this. I agree with your call to GET OUT NOW and allow the Iraqis to reclaim their country. War reparations paid by the US administered by the UN and NGOs should be in order too.

    Btw, thanks for the comment on my blog; I deleted it only by accident but did read your appreciated response.

  4. Peoples Geography

    When you deleted my comments which were against Palestinian fighting groups and you said it was an accident and I believed you. You deleted my comments again which means you don’t want me to visit your blog and comments on your posts, I get it now.

  5. QB, my sincere apologies, that is certainly not the case. I have changed my settings and just yesterday deleted a friend and regular’s comment which was sent to my spam folder (you know the one since you use WP, and sometimes you check it, sometimes you just delete it en masse if its got too many to check). Let me state that you *are* welcome to comment and I will let the comment through. I agree with you about the internal Palestinian infighting, it is a waste of time and energy better directed. Divide and conquer tactics as well as corruption have a lot to do with it. I feel a special affinity for the plight of Palestinians although I am not Palestinian myself. If you send a message today I will be diligent to let it through straight away. Once that happens, all your comments pass through. Again, my sincere apologies, QB.

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