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Libya to build statue of Saddam.

Posted by QB on January 6, 2007

Libya has said it will build a statue of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, executed in Baghdad on Saturday. It would show him standing on the gallows with a Libyan resistance leader who fought Italian occupation, executed in 1931, Libya’s Jana news agency said.

Libya declared three days of mourning after Saddam Hussein’s death and cancelled public celebrations around the Eid religious holiday.

He was sentenced to death after being convicted of crimes against humanity.

An Iraqi court handed down the sentence in November after a year-long trial over the killings of 148 Shias from the town of Dujail in the 1980s.

Iraq’s prime minister hailed the execution, but it also sparked protests among Sunni communities in the country.

Correspondents say the news was met with a mixture of surprise and anger in some parts of the Arab world.

On the eve of the hanging, Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi said Saddam Hussein was a prisoner of war who must be tried by Iraq’s invaders, the US and Britain, according to Reuters news agency.

Flags on Libyan government buildings flew at half-mast following his death.

Source : BBC.

Bush will announce his new Iraq policy next week which will be increasing the number of US troops in Iraq with additional 20,000. This is very interesting and nobody is paying attention what Bush is saying since he invaded Iraq that his Iraq policy is based on consultation with US military commanders and now he is going against Gen. John Abizaid and Gen. Casey who believe that increasing the number of US troops is not the solution of Iraq present mess. Gen. John Abizaid was testifying to Senate where he disagree strongly with Sen. John McCain who wanted the number of US troops increased to curb the present violent situation. Gen. John Abizaid is retired and Gen. Casey is no longer the commander in Iraq and Bush is going against his Generals advice who do not believe that increased number of troops will help stabilized the violent situation.

When Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan my opinion was that they can’t win the wars and they will face very tough resistance in both countries and that is what happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush mafia has already lost both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan politically and militarily. Bush mafia has destabilize the whole region with one clear winner is Iran. Mahmoud Ahmadinjad government is enjoying the benefits of failed Iraq invasion. Iranians worst enemy is murdered by Iraqi puppet government and US. The Iraq power is now in the hands of Iraqi Shi’ites which will have more close relationship with neighboring Iran because of their religious ties than US. The question is what benefit Bush mafia get after spending 500 billion dollars, Saddam Hussein death, destruction and killing of one million Iraqis and the hatred towards US in Middle East and all around the world.

What’s next? Increased number of US troops will be very much welcome and celebrated by Iraqi Resistance who will have more targets on the roads.


4 Responses to “Libya to build statue of Saddam.”

  1. Every saint has a rascal past to him and every eascal has a saint future to him. It’s all about relative intrepretation I guess. We have to wait and see how many of them make saddam villain and how many of them him hero.

    Ps; thanks fr visitng my blog. It’s a real honour.

  2. Iraqi Pete said

    I’ll have my picture taken next to it when it is built.

  3. I guess there will be thousands and thousands who will do the same. You will not be alone.

  4. Rukhsana said

    I think what had happened was not right as the day and month that was chosen for his is very much respected among muslims and every bad evil is forbiden during this month.

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