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Pictures : Iraqi Reaction on Saddam Hussein execution.

Posted by QB on January 3, 2007

This anger among Sunnis will grow with time on Saddam Hussein execution by Puppet Iraqi government on Bush wish.

Source : Reuters Pictures.

His grave in the future will turn into shrine of great Arab leader who die for his country with dignity with braverly with a smile on his face. Bush stupidity has no limits who invaded Iraq with stupid assumptions and since than Bush mafia are making mistakes which could have been avioded to improve Iraq present violence and killings.


5 Responses to “Pictures : Iraqi Reaction on Saddam Hussein execution.”

  1. Chuck Miller said

    I am an American, writing to you from the middle of America, and I have to say that I cannot argue with what you say. Bush is not only a fool, he is a criminal and a terrorist. I apologize to Iraq for what has been done to them in the name of the American people by this gang of thieves and murderers.

  2. Chuck Miller thank you. My personal experience with Americans is that they are nice friendly people or maybe I was always lucky to stay and work in Boston where met hundreds of people like you.

    The problem is the sudden rise of radical Christians who make this happen with electing Bush man of God to White House. Bush has destroyed the image of US all over the world which will take long time to recover.

    Thank you again for your very honest comments.

  3. unitedcats said

    It’s very sad that so many American’s have bought the “Saddam is Hitler” line that they can’t imagine that millions of people might have genuinely revered and respected him as their leader. I don’t know whether it’s the general low level of education, or the power of modern propaganda, but the result is not pretty. The crazy thing is that our leaders appear to believe this good guy/bad guy comic book view of the world as well, and are basing their strategy on it. God help us all, but especially people living in the countries that Bush has so generously “liberated.” What a mess. JMO —Doug

  4. Anonymous said

    Comapany makes the man…………….About Musharaf president of pakistan.

  5. Devils Own said

    Im An American an a in The USMC, i Do As my Country ask of me, Well i recently seen the HBO movie The House Of Saddam’ It kinda gives his side of the story s of his life. I Think Alot of what he did was All for his country i wanted a Strong country. A thought it was far from that… he didnt want Iraq to be seen and broadcasted to be as weak ass it was….. I think Saddam Will Go down i histroy as the most misundertood person, yeah he did some barbaric things but life is barbaric an crual, Just like the bibel the books were write all bt god, we’have never herd the Devils Side……

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