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Saddam Hussein execution. Reaction.

Posted by QB on January 2, 2007

I very strongly reacted on Saddam Hussein execution where majority of the people on the blogs were celebrating his death. I oppose death sentence, it was really said that Saddam Hussein was murdered by the court under US occupation. This trial was not fair since the very beginning, appointing Judges who had the grudge against him and they had already made up their minds to kill him before the trial ended. I am glad to see that am not the only person who believe that Saddam Hussein execution was political murder with Robert Fisk and Tariq Ali has written excellent articles and there are plenty of people who do share my point of view.

It is not surprise that Indian journalists are more truthful and courageous who did criticize Saddam Hussein execution and it is absolutely no surprise to see the same Western Media propaganda is getting published by Arab media and there is no condemnation of this political murder by the puppet rulers of the socalled Muslim countries which includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and not even from Malaysia. Iran is in US camp celebrating Saddam Hussein murder.

It is sad to see the rulers of these so called Muslim nations obey Bush and his White House more than they obey the commands of God. They fear White House more than God.

Saddam Hussein face his death with dignity courage and smile on his face with the rope tied on his neck facing insults from the guards until he die. Saddam Hussein only wish was to go into Arab history and be remembered as great leader come true with this stupid execution by puppet Iraqi government and Bush regime. The pictures of Saddam Hussein will play a very positive role in the future in making him martyr who was killed by evil occupation military.

Saddam Hussein grave in Iraq future will represent courage and bravery and will inspire millions of common Arabs just like Che Guevara death in Latin America which still live and inspired common people to take control of their government and I wish and hope that what the common Arabs with do with their puppet government.


4 Responses to “Saddam Hussein execution. Reaction.”

  1. John L. said

    Errr. the saddam hussain execution video is a fake

  2. Which one John because there are plenty of Saddam Hussein video are on internet.

  3. charmy said


  4. charmy said

    happy valentino day

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