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Was real Saddam Hussein smuggled out of Iraq by Russia? Who got executed?

Posted by QB on December 30, 2006

The following article is published by India Daily interesting.

A Saddam is dead � executed. But who was this Saddam? A look-alike or was it the real Saddam? Was Saddam, the master of all deception that stupid to hang around in Iraq after the invasion?

Some international think tank believes the real Saddam was smuggled out of Iraq by the Russian envoy from Iraq to Syria and then to Russia. Americans did shoot at that convoy, injure many � perhaps even the real Saddam but could not catch him.

Some believe the real Saddam is in Russia. That was perhaps the reason the Iraq fell so fast. The Kurds got hold of the Saddam look-alike that was roaming the Iraq with some money like the vagabond of Iraq. They eventually handed this man over to the Americans.

The biggest question is � Saddam really dead? It is up to the America to prove that the man executed was the real Saddam. Common sense says either Saddam was stupid to hang around in Iraq to get killed or he just took off way before the invasion handing the power to many look-alikes he had or he was really smuggled out of Iraq by the Russians during the invasion.

Some point to the DNA and dental records. These are not conclusive evidences. No one knows how it can ever be proved where real Saddam is today � dead or alive!

Source :Was real Saddam Hussein smuggled out of Iraq by Russia? Who got executed?

Europe reaction.

The Council of Europe condemned the execution of Saddam Hussein Saturday and called on Iraq to abolish the death penalty.

Iraq needs reconciliation and peace, not executions, gallows and acts of revenge, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Terry Davis, said in Strasbourg.

The death sentence was cruel and barbaric, he said. With the execution of Saddam, Iraq had passed up the chance to join the community of civilized and democratic countries that had abolished the death penalty.

Saddam Hussein was a criminal without scruples, who deserved a punishment. Now he was dead, while the Iraqi people continued to live with force and chaos every day, Davis said.

Source: Council Of Europe Condemns Execution Of Saddam Hussein In Iraq

The puppet Iragi government executed Saddam Hussein in such a hurry because these idiots believe that they will bring stability among the fighting Sunnis and Shias with their rhetoric, last night Iraq Defence Minister and fat Iraqi UN Ambassador on CNN used all sort of nonsense to proove that this one man murder is somekind of milestone to the Iraq future stability and peace. Saddam Hussein died with dignity, he was reported to be calm and co-operative and even tell the Iraqi Defence Minister not to be afraid of his execution. Saddam Hussein make many mistakes during his rule the first mistake was to have friendship with White House and attack Iran on their wishes, the second mistake was Kuwait invasion which again was happened with the approval of Bush Senior who explioted that situation by offering their military support to “liberate” Kuwait for hundreds of billions of dollars. US economy was in very bad shape and these hundreds of billions of dollars provides some stability for the economy and give Bush senior bump in the polls.

How Saddam Hussein will be remembered in the Arab world? Wait for few years and he will be one brave martyr who stand up against the super power of the world and give his life for Iraq.


7 Responses to “Was real Saddam Hussein smuggled out of Iraq by Russia? Who got executed?”

  1. JB said

    Whoever posted this is an absolute idiot!
    You people in third word countries wouldn’t know the truth if you saw it with your own eyes!
    The U.S. doesn’t have to prove one thing to the world!
    The Iraqis tried, condemed , and executed Sadaam . If you don’t want to believe it—then don’t!
    The world knows that another one of the world’s worst rulers is now gone and that’s good not only for the Iraqi people, but also for the world. So stop trying to create some mystical conspiracy. Start living in the REAL world. Get modernized and start becoming more civilized too!!!

    You are rediculous!

  2. You are complete brainless idiot who believe in all the BS you listen and watch on your TV screen. The truth is Saddam Hussein trial was unfair under US illegal criminal occupation.

    That is the point that US doesn’t have to prove anything to the world. They don’t have to answer why they invaded and killed 1 million Iraqis in the name of democracy and freedom. Bush regime make their case on lies including using chemical weapons on Kurds. Why don’t you find out the truth that CIA findings for that incident were that it was Iranian chemical attack.

    Saddam Hussein was the worst ruler according to US lies and propaganda. What about Bush and Blair who had destroyed the whole country for the greed of oil and Bush personal vendeta against Saddam Hussein according to you are heros.

    You idiots believe that your corrupt corporate democracy should be adopted by the whole world for oppression of poor people so you can live your American way of life.

    You talk about the third world with arrogance and believe me if you have few more Presidents like Bush than US itself will be a third world country. You and your idiot President still has to deal with Iraq after Saddam Hussein murder which is not going to bring US a military or political victory. Sit back and watch the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan and see for yourself how the world superpower will face the humiliating defeat by withdrawing their occupation troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    You lost the both wars you moron.

  3. peace06 said

    Execellent comment, Quran Bible!!

  4. صدام بطل وزعيم وهادهي اقواويل لان البطل استشهداء انه في الفردوس ليش الكلاب تنبح من وراء القافله نحن ننتصر او نستشهد

  5. Zee said

    Quran Bible, you are completely forgetting how much of a BAD man Saddam Hussein was, he executed so many people, unarmed people, used chemical’s against civilians, I don’t agree with America’s reason’s for invading Iraq….but truly believe Saddam Hussein got what he deserved, may he rot in hell.

  6. Some dude livin life (Syed M. Naqvi) said

    Now now lets not go crazy people..

    First off Bush and his dad are both gay ’cause they messed up america along with some other presidents. Saddam (and Osama) can burn in hell for ever (i don’t care if they do[i hope you don’t as well]) Muslims aren’t all bad and we didn’t blow up the twin towers. It was a bunch of dumb fucks claiming they were Muslims and killing a bunch of people (Muslims don’t kill for fun, we only self defend our selves). And as you see Iran isn’t doing any harm Afghanistan is just protecting their self ’cause a lot of sht heads keep invading their country (if you realize afghans never lost in a battle ’cause they still got their country). Iraq is messed up right now ’cause america invaded it for no reason.. poor people =( Pakistan is messed up, although i am half pakistani. I would neva wana go to that country.. America is my only home, and this country is messed up as well… >_< If they shipped me off to pakistan i would like die 'cause i dont know their language, hmmm.. Oh yah, every one here just live life! and enjoy every last bit! Peace!!! ❤ No more WARZ!!!!! MAKE LOVE YALLZ! ^_^

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