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Saudi Arabia criticises Iraq over Saddam execution

Posted by QB on December 30, 2006

RIYADH, Dec 30 (Reuters) – Leading Sunni Arab power Saudi Arabia on Saturday criticised Iraq’s Shi’ite leaders for executing former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein during the Eid al-Adha religious feast, saying his trial had been politicised. “There is a feeling of surprise and disapproval that the verdict has been applied during the holy months and the first days of Eid al-Adha,” a presenter on the official al-Ikhbariya TV said after programming was broken to read a statement. “Leaders of Islamic countries should show respect for this blessed occasion … not demean it,” said the statement, which was attributed to official news agency SPA’s political analyst. “It had been expected that the trial of a former president, who ruled for a considerable length of time, would last longer, … demonstrate more precision, and not be politicised.”

Source: Saudi Arabia reaction.

I am always very critical of Saudi government because of their unconditional support for White House but this statement is very truthful and the Shi’ite Puppet Prime Minister should have showed some repect for their Haj holidays.


8 Responses to “Saudi Arabia criticises Iraq over Saddam execution”

  1. madmouser said

    I think it was not disrespectful to rid the earth of evil at the beginning of their holiday, actually it was a gift. Just because I am an American, I do not respect American criminals. The Sunni’s that respect Saddam are telling the rest of the world that they approve of this monster and that is a shame.

  2. Everybody is evil who do not agree with US policies of oppression and aggression. Fidel Castro is evil, Hugo Chavez is evil, Evo Morales is evil, Da Silva is evil, Correa is evil, Ortega is evil and they all deserve death according to your religious nut Pat Robertson. Nothing to you is disrespectful when it come to killing people in the name of “democracy” and “freedom”. I am not surprised with your comment.

  3. Ali said

    Saddam was a very sick and evil man, and so are all of those who supported him, gave him weapons and cash, and access to the latest technology for chemical weapons. That list includes:
    – the government of the United States of America (Reagan adminstration) (‘agricultural loans’, intelligence)
    – the governments of Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia (cash and soldiers)
    – the governments of France and Germany (chemical weapons technology)
    – the Arab people, including Palestinians, who cheered him in the street and called him ‘ya izz al arab’

    May the souls of the hundreds of thousands of people tortured and murdered by this mad dog rest in peace. May those who supported him be taught a lesson by God. The latter prayer has already been answered with respect to the Kuwaitis and Americans.



  4. Peace Ali,

    You must be Shia and I criticise both Sunnis and Shias for following fabricated hearsay in the name of religon.

    You are parroting the western news media propaganda accusing Saddam Hussein of killing hundreds of thousands. The truth is that all these allegations are not true if you search for reality.

    This is true that Saddam Hussein biggest mistake was to trust the US by invading Iran. This is also true that US provided him the raw material for Chemical weapons which were never developed. The gassing of Kurds is another lie propagated by Bush regime. The CIA findings for that incident were that chemical attack was carried out by Iranians.

    Shia puppet government has murdered Saddam Husssein, does it change anything in Iraq. The sectarian violence and killings are not going to end with his death.

    Bush illegal and criminal invasion has killed one million Iraqis, why do you think he is any better than Saddam Hussein.

  5. Ali said

    Peace to you too.

    One of the most painful things in the Muslim world today is that we are slaughtered and we don’t even know who is killing us. Even our grief and desire for justice is manipulated by others. I am sorry, but you are mistaken. Saddam did use chemical weapons against Kurds in Halabja and Shalamcha, and aganst Iranian soldiers across the southern front of the battle. He also murdered and tortured anyone who opposed him or even disappointed him, including many Sunnis.

    Justice is justice, and is not the property of any sect or religion or tribe. Please do not fall into the trap of believing lies simply because they make people in your ‘group’ look better, and your enemies look bad.

    Now, about your assumptions: I am not a Shia or a Sunni. I do not think Bush is any better than Saddam. I am not a parrot. I am a person who is 44 years old and has seen too much blood of innocent human beings of all religions and sects spilt by evil people, and I hate anyone who comes up with excuses for this evil.

    If you find yourself makng excuses for murderers, I suggest you think hard about your personal role in these crimes. The bloody crimes we see around the world cannot happen without the criminals having a base of popular support. Saddam had his, Sharon had his, Bush has his own. The Wahhabi Takfiri killers have their supporters, as do the Shia death squads. Their supporters are all complicit in their crimes, and I have no doubt they will be questioned about this on the Day of Judgement. If this applies to you, I sincerely recommend that you repent, ask God to forgive you, and try to correct the damage you have done so far.

    Was salaam, Ali

  6. Peace Ali

    Read my posts related to sectarian violence and killings. I do not support any killing in the name of religion or any other killing wrapped with “patriotism”. I critcise both Sunnis and Shias for following the fabricated hearsay in the name of religion.

    According to my findings it is not true that Saddam Hussein used the chemical weapons on Kurds or Shias. I am against death penalty and Saddam Hussein trial was not fair under US occupation this was political murder in the name of “justice” “freedom” and “democracy”, this is my own opinion and you or anybody else don’t have to agree with me.

  7. ahmad said

    the hanging was not coincidental but why had they have to do it on our peaceful idd ul haj??

  8. sheikh titteous said

    iraq is worse now than it was when Sadam was ruling it. look what the american govt did. all for the holy oil.

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