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Saddam Hussein murdered.

Posted by QB on December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein trail by Kangaroo Court come to an end with this murder in the name of “freedom” and “democracy”. Saddam Hussein was hanged to death early Saturday morning which actually was on the day of Muslims religious Haj holiday. Anderson Cooper was talking to one fat UN Iraqi Ambassador who keep repeating that this is something that is very good for the future of Iraq. This fat Iraqi UN Ambassador keep repeating Bush regime lies that Saddam Hussein gased his own people and he also blamed Saddam Hussein for all the people who killed in wars with Iran. The CIA investigation findings were that it was Iran’s chemical weapons which killed Kurds not Saddam Hussein.

Bush who invaded Iraq without any valid reason has murdered approximately 1 million Iraqis since 2003 so why don’t we put him under trial for these brutal murders.

These Sunnis and Shias are brainless uncivilized violent animals who dance around Saddam Hussein dead body without analyzing the present situation of Iraq where the number of dead civilians are over 100 a day and there is no sign that this violence is going to come to an end in the near future. Saddam Hussein death is not going to stabilize Iraq violent situation, so keep killing each other for the love of your sect tribe and ethnic background you all SOB until you all die.


4 Responses to “Saddam Hussein murdered.”

  1. Ronin said

    Cry me a river

  2. kidpieces said

    good entry!

  3. gufran said

    hey iraqies i’m so happy that evil murder saddam has died,all these yrs of him killing iraqi ppl, and kurds he could never return their lives back.hes a sick monster and sunni ppl that say he was a good leader are just sick.how can u look up to a ceral killer.he killed my cousins father (bahaa)and he got what he deserves.

  4. UNKNOWN said

    no body had a right to kill Saddam hussain, if he had done bad, God would of killed him. Who are we to judge him. Bush should of died, he has coused more deaths than any body. I pray one day he will die, by gods hands

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