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Dennis Kucinich.

Posted by QB on December 13, 2006

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) announce he is running again for President. Dennis Kucinish is the one of the most most honest politician who voted against the invasion of Iraq war. Dennis Kucinich kind of politicians who are honest and speak truth has very little chances of getting elected as the President of USA because majority of the US voters do not have the ability to understand his message. Dennish Kucinich is running on issue of Iraq again and his differences with the leadership of his own party on the issue of Iraq occupation. His message this time is to cut the funding for Iraq war and bring back the US troops home with the help of Iran and Syria and other countries in the region. Dennis Kucinich this time again has the real solution for Iraq just like when he run last time in 2004 where he insisted to give the control of Iraq to UN and withdraw all the US troops. This was the good program could have helped to resolved the Iraq situation but Democrats rejected him over John Kerry who is a typical politician who does go with the polls instead of his own opinions. This time the Democratic race will be very interesting because there will be very intelligent people will be running which includes Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, Bill Richdson. Barak Obama is the most interesting candidate if he chooses to run as he is intelligent had the capbility to memerize the audience and is very likeable. Hilary Clinton will be running but she can’t win the Democratic party nominiation beause she has changed her positions on many issues to get the support of conservative voters.

Personally I would like to see Dennis kucinich win the nomination of his party because US needs honest person as their President which will also be good for the whole world.


One Response to “Dennis Kucinich.”

  1. An Iranian said

    I wish all the best for Dennis.I studied about him and found him a right man .
    I am sure that my government will co-operate if this gentleman comes to power .Then you see that how the problems shall reduce .The only solution for the governments is to use logic and wise decisions considering humanity and poor people.The Great God is the biggest supporter of such an idea.for god sake “no more violence”
    But if it happens ,no problem we will defend .
    Best Wishes

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