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Bush – Iraq and US Middle East Policies.

Posted by QB on December 8, 2006

Iraq Study Group is published with good suggestions to really improve the US image within Middle East and in the world. There will be no victory for US occupation military in Iraq and Afghanistan and they have to withdraw their military to stabilize these countries. The Group is also suggesting to resolve Israel and Palestine conflict, giving back Golan Heights back to Syria and start negotiating with Iran and Syria.

I really don’t have much time to give my detailed analysis but the recommendations in Iraq Study Group are what majority of the US citizens don’t understand because of their ignorance and illeteracy. The most unfortunate event was when these idiots elected George W. Bush as President a moron and retard.


3 Responses to “Bush – Iraq and US Middle East Policies.”

  1. Curtis said

    I found it interesting that the ISG was billed as an “independent” study group. I mean, please. Not that it devalues some of their more cogent recommendations, but, I mean, James Baker III? Former Secretary of State under Bush I and the Bush family attorney? How is that “independent,” exactly? Non-Pentagonal, maybe, but “independent?”

    Also, in reading over the report, I found it appalling how little concern was expressed for the welfare of the Iraqi people. That wasn’t the framework. I guess that’s more or less ubiquitous by now, but the context as far as I could see was all about “military victory” and the avoidance of “defeat” and so on…Iraq as a theatre of warfare and not as a sovereign nation inhabited by real people. As if a conquering army has rights and responsibilities in its own agenda, outside of the people it’s trampling.

    Well, avoiding that outlook is probably asking way too much. One step at a time…I just wish someone would come out and say “Hey, you know, we’re not leaving Iraq until we have completely destroyed the possibility of any sort of nationalization of oil resources and have thoroughly divided up and secured the resources on behalf of our industry buddies.” Because, in the end, that’s precisely what it’s about. There is no tangible concern for real stability and security in Iraq. There ought to be.

  2. unitedcats said

    Bush was simply NOT elected the first time, he lost by over half a million votes nation-wide and would have lost period if his brother had not been governor of Florida. Since his occupation of the White House wasn’t legal, the “re-election” doesn’t even count. And Americans have in general such a patonizing and superior and racist attitude towards foreign countries, they don’t fret much about what is going on there. If bad things happen overseas, why it just proves that Americans are superior since of course bad things never happen in the USA.

    JMO —Doug

  3. unitedcats said

    The other thing that’s mind numbing about the ISG report is that most Americans still think we have any options in Iraq, there is simply no understanding that our misguided adventure has spun things so out of control in Iraq that there is little if anything the USA can do at this point. The report is basically re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    JMO Doug

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