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Hugo Chavez Re-elected.

Posted by QB on December 4, 2006

There is no surprise that Hugo Chavez is re-elected for the next term with 61.35 of the vote as reported by Radio Nacional de Venezuela. The US supported candidate Rosales was not match to Hugo Chavez popularity and the support of the poor people of Venezuela which get him re-elected. The people who had posted comments on my Hugo Chavez I believe were all supporting Rosales and the people living in US really did not carefully analyze the election campaign. Rosales really don’t had a clear plan for Venezuela what he promised that he will not change Hugo Chavez social policies. Why would Venezuelans elect Rosales as their leader when he agree with Hugo Chavez social policies.

The Western Media will keep criticising Hugo Chavez without acknowledging the good he is doing for the poor people of Venezuela and keep calling him the dictator after winning another election with convincing majority. Hugo Chavez one big achievement is providing the free health care for all Venezuelans and when compared with US health system where more than 50 million poor people have no health insurance which means no health care. Hugo Chavez other achievement is better peaceful relationships with the neighboring countries and the world which clearly make him more successful leader and diplomat than George W. Bush. The average person can tell that Hugo Chavez is very intelligent politician and George W. Bush is complete idiot who only knows the dirty politics of lies and deceptions and who really has no idea with diplomacy means when it comes to international relations.

The truth is people of the World really don’t know much about Venezuela including me and it is Hugo Chavez who has make Venezuela the key player in the region as well as in the world with very intelligently developing diplomatic and economic relations with China Russia Middle East and Latin America.

Hugo Chavez must now thank the poor people of Venezuela and start implementing his social policies. Start with improving the law and order situation in Caracas. Start government housing project for the poor and provide them cheap housing. There was one more problem which was pointed out by one who is living in Venezuela that the electricity supply is interrupted frequently. Venezuela government now has the huge budget surplus and Nuclear Electric power plant is the answer to solve the electricity problem. The poor people of Venezuela will keep re-electing Hugo Chavez if he keep working to improve their lives without paying attention to Western Media propaganda.


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