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Iraq – Sectarian Violence.

Posted by QB on December 2, 2006

I am still ignoring the Iraq Afghanistan Palestine Lebanon Iran Israel news because the majority of the people of the region are so ignorantly duped by their religious scholars that they justify all the killings with some twisted interpretation of Bible and Qur’an. There are plenty of these sectarian Sunni Shia Muslims who post their comments without understanding my point of view. I was very much against the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan since the beginning because that according to my analysis was wrong approach to fight the war on terror. The present situation on the ground today is the proof of Bush failed policies of aggression. Iraq is still a mess and Afghanistan war will last for decades if the occupation troops decided to stay. After expressing my opinion very clearly again about the Bush invasions now let me point out to other very painful disgusting fact which is the sectarian violence.

The occupation military which killed over half a million Iraqis in the name of shock and awe, for taking the control of Falluja, bombing the civilian weddings and houses to keep Iraq under its occupation now are done and the truth is now these sectarian Sunnis and Shias are killing more innocent than the US occupation military. The pictures and the reports from Iraq are too depressing showing the bodies of the people who are dying everyday by these death squads of both factions.

This is also very frustrating that there is no efforts made by the religious scholars to stop this brutal killings of women children men. These religious scholars can stop this violence with joint efforts by truthfully telling their followers that what they are doing cannot be justified with the any religious edict.

This is my challenge to all the Sunni and Shias scholars to prove it to me that these killings are justified from within the Qur’an. The fabricated hadiths will not be accepted if they are in contradiction of Qur’an. I myself have no religious education and even can’t read the Arabic Qur’an message properly. Still this is open challenge to all the religious scholars of Sunnis and Shias to justify these killings from Qur’an. All of you can’t justify what is going on in Iraq with all your knowledge and religious eduction.


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