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Hugo Chavez – Time to act.

Posted by QB on November 30, 2006

It is Hugo Chavez which had started this revolution in Latin America and he is very successful in developing close diplomatic and economic ties within the region. Look at the Latin American government now. Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua and the latest very unexpected victory of Correa is the clear evidence of Latin Americans are so fed-up with the corrupt politicians that they are going for common socialists rulers.

This is also evidence of how fed-up the world is with US oppressive policies of control with attractive slogans like “free trade” fighting war on “drugs” and “terror” with establishing their military bases which actually are for the protection of their financial interests.

Che Guevara dream of making Cuba to Argentina united is becoming reality. US thought that they have secured their interests by killing Che Guevara 40 years back in Bolivia has not done anything good with Evo Morales a socialists holding on to power.

Hugo Chavez have to take very tough steps towards making Caracas safe place to live by dealing with criminals with iron fist and implement his social reforms immediately after winning December 3 election. The security situation in Caracas is very bad as now I know because two guys who are living there have pointed this out for me.

The other important thing is that Hugo Chavez can’t get re-election on attractive slogans without really improving the conditions of poor people. Hugo Chavez is disconnected from the people if he really don’t know what are their grievances.

I really don’t know why Hugo Chavez did not do anything to provide cheap housing for the poor people. There is no shortage of money as the government has huge surplus and spending couple of billion dollars can provide the housing for the poor. These people really are not expecting palaces all they need is the shelter with running water electricity and a roof over their family. The government can build the same architect quarters which will give him another term in the next election.

“Let us not lose a single moment to oil the machinery. Let everybody take action! Let everybody go the polls and guard the victory just in case! Watch out! Be alert!” said President Hugo Chavez Wednesday in a rally where he closed his campaign for re-election in southwestern Trujillo state.

In his speech, as broadcast by state-run TV channel VTV, he added: “In the event that imperialists and lackeys make any attempt at destabilizing Venezuela, they will regret it for the rest of their lives, I am warning you!”

“Watch out! We are facing the devil of the US empire and all of its power rather than foolish candidates that cannot even talk.”

He forecast that next December 3rd he would obtain “the biggest victory ever in the political history” of the world.

Source : el universe.com

Hugo Chavez you will beat the devil on December 3 but you have to do immediately start the action because these poor people will not keep electing you if you don’t keep your promises and do practically what you promised as quickly as possible. Hugo Chavez I am sure must be aware of Dr. Mahathir of Malaysia who keep getting re-elected for 22 years because he had made Malaysia from the third world country to nineteenth developed nation of the world in two decades. His success was simply due to his policies which brought prosperity and stability for the people and they keep electing him. Dr. Mahathir did not had any magic wand all he did is work honestly for the benefit and betterment of his country. Hugo Chavez must learn this if he want to get re-election again and again, work for the betterment of the people and they will keep you in office as long as you want.


2 Responses to “Hugo Chavez – Time to act.”

  1. unitedcats said

    Watching Latin America wriggle free from US domination while Bush obsess’s over terrorist enemies that are more media creation that real is one of the most amazing things about the Bush regime. Ol Ronnie must be spinning in his grave, his minions killed a lot of people, including some good Americans, to prevent this very thing. A new era is unfolding in Latin America, going to be a heck of a ride if nothing else. More power to Mr Chavez, I too hope he keeps his promises.


  2. Doug

    Your opinions are not JMO (Just My Opinion) they are always very true. Keep posting of Latin America because this is the only positive development in the world today. Thanks for your excellent comments.

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