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Saudi Arabia.

Posted by QB on November 28, 2006

I am ignoring all the news related to Iraq and Afghanistan war with all the political manipulation of the situation in these countries by Bush regime and Democrats. I was only paying attention to Latin American elections which goes according to my own wishes with Correa latest win in Ecuador and the next election is not until December 3 in Venezuela and the campaign end there and there will be no political activity until election day.

Today I decided to say few words about Saudi Arabia. I don’t get much news about Saudi Arabia and really have no information what are the social and political issues common Saudis face in their daily life because freedom of speech and freedom of though is banned by the Royal Family. There is a long article in today’s Arab News where Prince Faisal Bin Salman, chairman of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group is emphasizing to have trained and qualified technical staff for print and electronic media with editorial staff. This news story does not make sense to me as I believe there must be plenty of qualified print media professional with great creative minds who are not free to express their point of view because they are not allowed to print anything which goes against the wrong oppressive policies of Saudi Royal Family. The government should give the freedom to press and electronic media to express themselves freely even if goes against the their stupid policies.

The other information which I get is that the roads of Jeddah are in poor conditions from Jeddah Blog. The question is why the roads are in bad shape? Oil prices are at the peek and oil export must be generating trillions of dollars. Where is this money going? I know the answer because Saudi Arabia proudly run hundreds of million dollars campaign on CNN proudly announcing their holdings in US companies to improve its image as friendly faithful nation to Americans.

Saudi Arabia economy is not in so good shape with 15% unemployment rate is clear proof of Royal Family is misusing the oil revenues which is not their own personal property. The oil reserves of the country belongs to the people of Saudi Arabia and the oil export revenue must be used within the country to create jobs for poor common Saudis. These Royal Clowns are so stupid that they don’t know their all holdings will be friezed by US government whenever they fear that the Royal Family will lose their power and this is going to happened sooner or latter.

The chances are that people will at some stage will rise up against this oppressive government and that will be the end of Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Royal Family can avoid this fate only be adopting policies which benefit the common Saudis with giving them freedom of speech and freedom of thought. They can remain in power for a long period to come if they just keep the welfare of common Saudis in mind instead of pleasing Bush and White House.


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