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Hugo Chavez will be Re-elected.

Posted by QB on November 27, 2006

Hugo Chavez will easily win the re-election next Sunday with overwhelming majority as suggested by all polls. Hugo Chavez is dedicating his re-election victory to Cuba’s Fidel Castro and the 50th Revolution Anniversary. Hugo Chavez strong leadership has helped the Latin America to take control of their governments by electing socialists reformers. The Latin America now will have more economic social diplomatic co-operation between Cuba, Boliva, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua and now with Ecuador as the news is that Correa is winning the Presidential election with partial vote counting.

The only positive news these days are coming from Latin America where people are rejecting the corrupt politicians who were the slaves of White House protecting their big corporations interests instead of working for the interests of the common poor people.

Hugo Chavez after winning has to implement the social reforms immediately if he wants to win the next election. The Caracas has serious housing problem and I don’t understand why this is such a so big problem which is the main cause of all the grievances of the poor. The housing project must get the top priority to provide proper shelter to these poor people who are living in temporary housing. The next top project should be to encourage business which will provide jobs for the people. Hugo Chavez has very little time after this re-election victory to start working on the these projects which will guarantee him to win the next election as well. The people really will not interested in changing the government if they are living comfortably in peace and security. Hugo Chavez will defeat “devil” Bush on December 3.

Chávez closes campaign in Caracas

This is my analysis based on various reports and really don’t know the actual situation in Venezuela.


2 Responses to “Hugo Chavez will be Re-elected.”

  1. Inka Sol said

    Yea, I think You really need to know the ALL the facts before making a public statement such as this. I sympathise with the struggle of the indigenous poor in Latin America and see a form of socialism as the answer, but Chavez is not the solution. Keep your research going and eventually you’ll find out that Chavez’s agenda isn’t what it seems to be.

  2. It is Hugo Chavez which had started this revolution in Latin America and he is very successful in developing close diplomatic and economic ties within the region. Look at the Latin American government now. Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua and the latest very unexpected victory of Correa is the clear evidence of Latin Americans are so fed-up with the corrupt politicians that they are going for common socialists rulers.

    This is also evidence of how fed-up the world is with US oppressive policies of control with attractive slogans like “free trade” fighting war on “drugs” and “terror” with establishing their military bases which actually are for the protection of their financial interests.

    Che Guevara dream of making Cuba to Argentina united is becoming reality. US thought that they have secured their interests by killing Che Guevara 40 years back in Bolivia has not done anything good with Evo Morales a socialists holding on to power.

    Hugo Chavez have to take very tough steps towards making Caracas safe place to live by dealing with criminals with iron fist and implement his social reforms immediately after winning December 3 election. The security situation in Caracas is very bad as now I know because two guys who are living there have pointed this out for me.

    The other important thing is that Hugo Chavez can’t get re-election on attractive slogans without really improving the conditions of poor people. Hugo Chavez is disconnected from the people if he really don’t know what are their grievances.

    I really don’t know why Hugo Chavez did not do anything to provide cheap housing for the poor people. There is no shortage of money as the government has huge surplus and spending couple of billion dollars can provide the housing for the poor. These people really are not expecting palaces all they need is the shelter with running water electricity and a roof over their family. The government can build the same architect quarters which will give him another term in the next election.

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