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Ecuador Election Tomorrow.

Posted by QB on November 25, 2006

The second round of Presidential elections are scheduled for Nov. 26 between leftist socialist reformer Correa and Noboa. According to latest poll Correa is for the first time is ahead of Noboa with 52 to 48 percent. US interests are tied with Noboa and if these latest numbers hold than it is clear Correa will be the winner who promised not to renew US military base if get elected. Correa also joked that he will renew US military base lease if Ecuador get its military base in Florida.

This race was very interesting from the beginning of the second round with Noboa holding clear lead over Correa for giving money and other gifts to poor voters. Ecuadorians poor commons are I believe are smart who can see the hypocrisy of this billionaire who had exploited the poor laborers without showing any mercy. Noboa who had inherited his money from his father never before had done anything good to improve the lives of poor people which he could have done easily without holding power with his money and now he is promising poor people to bring down the moon and stars for them if they vote for him. Noboa did nothing for poor people his whole life and now he wanted their votes so he can grab the power and protect his and his own class people wealth and interests.

Correa on the other hand is a fresh uncorrupted common person who understand the problems of the common poor people of his country. The Ecuadorians must give Correa a chance by rejecting the corrupt billionaire and elite ruling class which will lead the country into new direction.

There is plenty of propaganda going on against socialists in Latin America by the US and its European allies as something bad where the fact is it is good to have close business economic military relations with neighboring countries which will bring stability and economic growth which is always good for the people.

Hugo Chavez will be re-elected easily as he is way ahead of his opponent Rosales and this will help to build a strong alliance between Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, Brazil to adopt and implement independent policies which are good for the people of these countries and the region instead of being the puppet of Bush regime.

Read this post which is updated todate.
Ecduador Election Exit Polls. Correa Claim Victory.


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