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The World Today.

Posted by QB on November 22, 2006

The world today is not better than yesterday all the news are depressing disgusting politics for power and controlling natural resources of the world. The situation in Middle East is getting worst. Iran Syria and Iraq will have a summit in Tehran this weekend to discuss the situation and find solution for stabilization. Christian politician is killed in Lebanon where situation could become ugly if some Christian politician decided to take advantage of it by exploiting it attack against their religion, if this happen than Lebanon will see another civil war between Muslims and Christians.

US still have the problem to accept Nicaragua elections results because Bush regime propaganda against Ortega is going with full speed. Ecuador elections are four days away and there too Bush regime want their puppet billionaire get elected against the evil socialist candidate.

I really don’t feel like writing much these days kind of just disconnected with everything as there is no positive improvement on any front politics war economy.


2 Responses to “The World Today.”

  1. Well, so far Lebanon has been stable enough and Hezbollah did not do anything to destabilize the situation. The reason I speak about Hezbollah is because they had a demonstration planned the day after the assasination to unseat the government..but they acted accordingly.

    The Iran-Iraq meeting to take place this weekend (if Talabani can get on a plane; the airport is clsoed) is a positive meeting and can hopefully bring some stability to Iraq. And Syria and Iraq resuming diplomatic relations is also a good thing, so that three-way work between the three neighbors can occur.

    However the violence in the last couple of days is the depressing part.

  2. Dmitri Talabani is in Tehran. BTW completely ignorning all the Middle East news to just get a break from reading all these news of people getting killed in sectarian violence which is shameful and inhumane and God does not approve it at all but I am sure their Mullahs and Imam must be telling them that they are doing the great religious service. I am getting sick of all this madness and hatred.

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