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Hugo Chavez – Election Update.

Posted by QB on November 21, 2006

Hugo Chavez is ahead of his opponent Manuel Rosales by 20 points in all recently conducted polls which to me is not a big surprise. The big surprise is that opposition candidate Rosales start his propaganda of rigging even before the polls open and this is what Hugo Chavez had pointed out in many speeches and statements that’s what opposition will do after loosing elections. The opposition will start crying fraud and try to destabilize Venezuela after Hugo Chavez convincing victory instead of accepting the fact that he is popular because of his social welfare policies which benefit majority of poor Venezuelans. Rosales is running against Hugo Chavez to protect rich and connected promising not to discontinue Hugo Chavez social welfare policies. This does not make any sense how Rosales will be different from Hugo Chavez if he is promising to stick to these policies. Rosales if get elected will implement the policies to protect the US interests in the region because they are not very comfortable with the growing socialists governments with very close diplomatic economic and military relations.

The following news story is the evidence of US intervention in domestic affairs of Latin American countries. Bush regime consider all the world leaders as his enemy who criticise his stupid policies of aggressions. Bush regime is not interested in protecting the majority of poor people their interests are to keep control of the natural resources of the region by using the divide and rule policy. Hugo Chavez is dangerous because he is uniting Latin America which of-course is not very much appreciated by Bush regime.

U.S. to turn on the charm in Latin America.

Chavez foe warns of possible Venezuelan vote fraud.

I believe Venezuela voters are smart enough to vote intelligently rejecting US backed Rosales for their own good and for the better future for Latin Americans who are living under US oppressive policies from decades.


4 Responses to “Hugo Chavez – Election Update.”

  1. edward said

    Considering what a mess we had with some of the midterm elections this year i am more worried about voter fraud and miscounts here in America. than in venezuela.

  2. Luis said

    It is obvious you don’t live in Venezuela, Chavez is the worst thing that has ever happened to our country, poverty and unemployment are higher than ever, the society has been divided, also violence and corruption can’t be measured. If Chavez wins he will close private T.V channels and will change again the constitution so he can stay who knows how long as President. If that is not the description of authoritism and a COMMUNIST I dont know what is.

  3. No Luis I don’t live in Venezuela. My information is based on Internet. Can you please read the following post and comment on this one as well which is published in response to Mick.
    Hugo Chavez and Latin America.

  4. Andrew said

    hey Luis.
    Viva la Revoluciom Bolivariana!!!!
    Viva Chavez!!!
    Viva la Democracia!!!
    He will win by an overwhelming majority, just like in the first election and the referendum. Death to imperialism!!!! Long Live Chavez and democracy. You esqualido piece of s***.

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