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Iraq – Bush Regime Had No Plan.

Posted by QB on November 20, 2006

There are so confusing news from Iraq since the US midterm elections that it is impossible to know what is Bush plan to end this almost four years of violence. Kissinger said in an interview that US military victory in Iraq is impossible. Bush did not makeup his mind whether to withdraw or to increase the number of troops in Iraq to stabilize the over growing violence situation.

The other news was that Rumsfeld had signed the deployment of 57000 troops to Iraq in January which is part of rotation of troops but I believe that with this fresh deployment will bring the troops level to just little over 200000 and keeping in mind the report published in Guardian which suggested that Bush will try to increase the number of troops and go for the final push before thinking about withdrawal. The US military might send few thousands troops back keeping its number to 200000 by extending the tour duty of the majority of the units. This is what John McCain and Dick wants.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem stressed he was not coming to please foreign powers and repeated Damascus’s position that American forces should go. This is the first visit any Syrian top ranking official after the fall of Saddam Hussein and Syrian Foreign Minister believe that violence will decrease with a clear timetable of all US troops withdrawal.

Iraqi puppet government who are helpless to protect their own ministers are asking the Syrian government to stop supporting the Sunni Resistance and control its borders which is the same strategy like Hamid Karzai Afghanistan President of Kabul to blame its failures on the neighboring countries. The truth is that Iraqi Resistance is surviving with the support of the people of Iraq who believe that it is their right to fight the occupation. The majority of Iraqis have no respect for these exiles who now had become the rulers of their country.

The Iraq situation is still very violent which must be surprise for most the the Generals and correspondents as they hope the violence will decrease after the month of Ramadan. Bush regime now started to admit that Iraq situation is not good but they still believe that US troops had to stay in Iraq to fight terrorists who were not there before invasion. Bush regime is fighting the enemy created by themselves by invading a sovereign nation justifying it with lies.

Iran is the clear winner from Iraq invasion and any independent Iraqi government will have close ties with Syria Iran and Lebanon instead of White House. Where is stupid arrogance of Bush Blair Howard now, when they are ready to talk to Syria and Iran and rejected all the reasonable alternatives of solving Iraq situation without invasion. These all three must be face a criminal trial of killing million people in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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