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Testing Chavez: Great White Hopes in Venezuela.

Posted by QB on November 17, 2006

This is interesting article which describes the current political struggle between Hugo Chavez and Bush regime. The US government is playing all its dirty political games to bring down Hugo Chavez from power.

Testing Chavez: Great White Hopes in Venezuela.

Venezuela s Fifth Republic Movement (MVR) urged on Thursday that the opposition recognize results of the December elections, with polls pointing to a clear victory of President Hugo Chavez.

In statements to “En Confianza” TV program, MVR leader William Lara called for the president s adversaries to assume a democratic stance and warned that by ignoring the final result of the presidential elections and adopting a destabilizing attitude, the opposition would be “committing suicide.”

Regarding that, he said that Manuel Rosales, Chavez main rival, has the decision in his hands, and would politically kill himself if he were to follow the behaviour of frustrated sectors.

If, on the contrary, he accepts the outcome and declares to be in favour of contributing to the country s future, “the opposition would have a real leader.”

Source. Chavez Opposer Urged to Accept Vote


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