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Iraq – Still A Mess.

Posted by QB on November 16, 2006

Gen. John Abizaid testify for Senate Arms Committee hearing where he oppossed Carl Levin (D) for setting up timetable for US troops withdrawal from Iraq. Gen. John Abizaid insists on flexibility without time frames. The situation according to Gen. John Abizaid could be controlled with Iraqi Security Forces and on the other hand DIA and CIA assessment of Iraq situation is very different from General as they believe that Iraq violence is increasing.

The situation on the ground in Iraq is that over 100 Iraq Education Ministry Officials were kidnapped in day light by people wearing Iraqi Security Forces uniforms and there are very conflicting reports with no agreement on the numbers of kidnapped and released personnel of Education Ministry. Six US soldiers died in different locations bringing the death toll to 2859 according to official counts.

As I had written in my previous posts that Iraq’s division will not be acceptable to neighboring countries is becoming the reality with very strong message coming from Turkey opposing the division of Iraq. Turkey is the US ally on Bush so called war on terror don’t want independent Kurd state which will create enormous domestic trouble for their country. Neighboring countries of Iraq would not act as they do now if the country was divided, Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said on Tuesday.”If Iraq is split up, an unbelievably dark period will begin,” Gul noted, using unusually strong language. This is another blow to Democrats plan which believe that dividing Iraq into three independent region will stabilize the situation in Iraq is based on their ignorance of the region political ethnic conflicts.

The talks with Iran and Syria, if US agree to negotiate with these countries, will not provide any guarantees of stable Iraq because Sunnis will see that as more dangerous threat than US occupation military and the violence will be worst.

There is no solution to bring Iraq situation under control. The dividing Iraq will not work, immediate withdrawal of US troops is off the table, increasing the number of US troops is rejected by Gen. John Abizaid. Bush who touring Asia should have think about all this before invading Iraq with faulty plan and promises of Wolfowitz that US troops will be greeted as liberators. After spending 500 billion on this unnecessary war Iraq is completely destroyed with 665,000 Iraqis death and still there is no hope for the peaceful future.

The Guardian has published this report that Bush regime will increase the number of troops as the last push to win in Iraq.

US plans last big push in Iraq.

This strategey will not work because Iraqi Resistance is determined to fight the occupation as long as it takes and it will increase the number of US soldiers deaths. Iraqi Resistance will have more open targets who will be involved in direct confrontation instead of patrolling.


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