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Elections To Watch – Ecuador.

Posted by QB on November 15, 2006

Ecuador second round elections are on November 26 where Rafael Correa leftwing socialist reformer will face billionaire Alvaro Noboa. According to the news Noboa has lost support and the polls showing Correa in first place. This might be due to Ortega amazing victory in Nicaragua or maybe due to people realising that Noboa is another politician who are promising to bring down the moon and starts for the common people. Noboa is US backed candidate who if elected will be not different than any other corrupt politician whose jobs in the office is to keep the common people under oppression and this is going on since the colonial occupation. The only chance common poor people have is the change of faces with the same oppressive policies.

The intelligent vote would be to elected an outsider Correa who is promising the social reforms which will benefit them in the long run. Ecuadorians must also be patient as this will be a very slow process because Correa has to face the tough opposition from the ruling class who will try to block his all reforms for their own material benefits. This is the time for a real change which Correa is promising with his eduction and health care reforms and the people of Ecuador has nothing to loose.

Correa victory on November 26 will be another proof that the people of the world don’t like US interference in their elections and freely choose the candidate which is best for their own country. The Latin Americans must also realise that US will use the fear tactics of religion against Correa describing him as evil leftist or communists but the truth is that Bible really does not support the corrupt Capitalism. The social reforms are really not threat to anybody’s religious belief but they are infact very much in line with Bible.

I hope and wish to see Correa win on November 26.


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