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USA Lost Its Superpower Status.

Posted by QB on November 14, 2006

There is very interesting political changes which are pointing that USA is loosing its Superpower of the World status ofcourse with the help of Bush regime stupid policies. The new bloc which is building will be more powerful in political and economical terms that it will be difficult for USA to try to impose its oppressive policies in the name of “Democracy”. China will be the next economic superpower of the world without aggressive polices of invasion and occupation. Bush regime which is so deeply in love with “Oil” will fail in Iraq and it will be hard for them to acquire Oil for their domestic consumption if they continue their policies of interfering in other countries internal affairs.

Hugo Chavez policies have already win the hearts and minds of the people of Latin America as well as in Asia clearly shows that world reject the US policies and will welcome policies which are for the benefit of poor people. The current example is the Nicaragua election where voters has rejected US backed candidate ignoring all their economic and financial threats. The majority of the world leaders has assured to cooperative and have good relations with Ortega government including Iran. The other interesting news is that Lula de Salva Brazilian President has strongly endorsed Hugo Chavez re-election with very strong message that all the Brazilians who have voted for him would love to re-elect Hugo Chavez. Evo Morales has signed defence and economic treaties with Venezuela and they praise the Cuban efforts to fight Bolivia illiteracy. Nicaragua Present elect Ortega call Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro as “beloved brothers” so the power is shifting more towards socialists reforms with close ties are building. The present Latin America bloc consists of Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and probably Chile will join the group Michelle Bachelet Jeria too is Socialists with very close ties to Middle Eastern countries Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine.

Russia and China are making sure not to let the Bush crazy regime to implement its oppressive policies through UN Security Council to isolate Iran and North Korea with sanctions. Bush regime will be isolated if they keep insisting on their dictatorship. The world do not fear US military power because of Iraq and Afghanistan failed invasion and occupations. Bush has exposed the weakness of US military where they are unable to win over people fighting with outdated AK-47 and home made bombs.

Hugo Chavez has the double digit lead over his opponent and is the favorite to win December 3 election with clear majority vote. Hugo Chavez will keep purusing his policies which will benefit the poor people of the world.


8 Responses to “USA Lost Its Superpower Status.”

  1. an Iranian said

    I Have a real question . It may not be directly related to the above Article .
    My question :
    There are lots of American politicians in USA living in public almost freely or with least security .
    If Bin Laden’s group is not getting command from US ,then how they do not terror those politician ? nothing is happening in USA.everything seems calm!! I know that you may not put this view on public .but at list you ( QB) can think about it .

  2. QB said


    Al Qaida, if it is real, is not strong organization. They are bunch of people who get the responsibility of everything from fighting in Iraq and bombing elsewhere. There is no organized group of Al Qaida in USA. Bush creating false fear of Al Qaida so the people keep voting Republicans.

    Iranian say whatever you have on your mind, I will publish them all, no censorship.

  3. An Iranian said

    Hi QB

    So if they are not so strong, how they could create Sept.11? What you draw from Bin laden is different from what
    Republicans say. Therefore:
    1 – If they are not organized and wick, they can be destroyed very quickly and they could not continue up to now.
    Please don’t expect me to believe that a wick organization could survive from
    such a condition
    2 – if they are strong ,my idea will be confirmed .
    in any case they are in the hands of US security organizations .
    sorry the page configuration found problem

  4. QB said

    Hi Iranian,

    Al Qaida has become the industry for US corporations to make money where Security companies and so called Al Qaida experts are making billions and tens of millions. Bush government refused to show the proof of Al Qaida involvement to Taliban who were offering Osama Bin Laden handing over to International Court for trail. We common people really are not going to know who really is Osama Bin Laden. The tapes which show up on TV are benefiting the US government and Bush regime.

  5. An Iranian said

    Thank you QB
    This is what I exactly wanted to deduce.
    This terrorist group is designed for some special purpose .I wanted to come to the conclusion that the existence of Bin Ladan is necessary for US regime and
    that group should survive because their master wants it to be in that way
    Please be careful .They can do nothing to me .but you may be in danger .

  6. QB said

    Dear Iranian,

    This is what I believe and if they want to shut me up than they have to send to to Guantanamo Bay.

  7. zmonk said

    many americans will perish in the coming panic…the foolishness of politics by fear will be exposed…pockets will be empty so hearts must be full…the children of those with faith will make it…woe betide the humans as the desolation draws near…the brothers and sisters of the Book will learn that hand in hand together each faith grows to fullness …but first there will be a heavy cost and much suffering…thus the price of arrogance to the face of God

  8. Ishfaq said

    USA is a real terrorist in the whole world.I hate USA. Muslims are not terrorist. Islam likes to spread peace in the whole world.

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