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Iraq – What next?

Posted by QB on November 14, 2006

Bush meet with the Chairmen of Independent Iraq Study Group without disclosing any discussions. Tony Snow White House spokesperson said that the commission has not completed its report and there will be no presentation of alternatives. The Group today is meeting with Democrat leadership with video conference with Tony Blair. Tony Blair staunch supporter of Bush stupid policies is now advising to get engage with Syria and Iran to solve the Iraq violence situation. Bush has ruled out any negotiations with Iran until they stop their uranium enrichment. Iran has showed no weakness or sign of doing so because they believe it is their legal right to enrich uranium for their peaceful energy purposes under NPT.

Bush who still resisting Democrats demands of setting up timetable for US troops withdrawal slightly has the upper hand due to the stupidity of 26 percent Connecticut Democrats who voted for most corrupt politician Joe Lieberman who has now got the balance of power. The Joe Lieberman did not rule out the possibility of joining Republicans which will destroy Democrats controlling both Houses of Congress. Joe Lieberman as I had written is egocentric opportunist without any ethics can change his loyalties for personal power grab. The other reason would be that Joe Lieberman is well aligned with Bush and John McCain policies in Iraq and believe US troops withdrawal is not the solution. Keeping all this in mind the chances are that Joe Lieberman will switch party and that will balance the power in Senate where Democrats and Republicans will equally divide the committees and Dick vote will be the deciding factor.

The situation on the ground in Iraq is the same where people are getting killed by IED suicide bombs with US and British troops. The violence has rise in Shias South where British troops were enjoying a relatively peaceful occupation.


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