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Posted by QB on November 10, 2006

Vatican city, Nov. 10 – Pope Benedict XVI said today: “In the relations with the Muslim who are so rooted to their believes and rites, the Christians must be respectful and benevolent but the Islam followers, because are able to be loyal to their religious tradition, have the right to our humble and determinate testimony of Jesus Christ”. The pope spoke to the German bishops in today’s visit in limina. The pope said this testimony required a great pledge. So he said that it was necessary that in places where there was a lot of Muslims there was a Catholic interlocutor with the indispensable knowledge of language and religion that enabled them to dialog with the Muslims. This dialog must also involve a deep knowledge of the Catholic faith, he said.

Source : Pope -Islam.

Pope Benedict XVI is an idiot issuing such stupid statements which clearly are pointing out to my previous conclusion that he has lost the intelligence because of old age and has developed some kind of mental problem. All the religious people are so loyal to their own traditions and beliefs whether Christians Jews or Muslims. Pope can’t be so ignorant that he don’t know that Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was the messanger of God. Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ. I really did not properly understand what he mean by “have the right to our humble and determinate testimony of Jesus Christ”.

My advice to this Pope is to shut up don’t open your month so nothing stupid will be coming out.



  1. unitedcats said

    LOL Yikes, I wouldn’t have put it quite like that, but yes, there was something disturbingly patronizing about this statement by the Pope. he always comes off to me as if he believes the Pope and Christianity are God’s gift to mankind. I mean yeah, thats the mumbo jumbo, but the middle ages are over and most people of faith are adopting far more tolarant and accepting view of other faiths. Ignorance of Islam is rife among lay people though, I’ve yet to meet a Christian who knew that Islam also believes Jesus was a prophet from God.

    My advice to the Pope would be the old: “There are times when it is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Sigh. The Pope is a medievil fossil when we needed a John-Paul III.

    And he quite literally meant that “Christian Missionaries should be able to go and preach the word anywhere they want, and in fact it is such a great thing that people everywhere have a RIGHT to be preached to by a Christian Missionary.”

    Hope that clears things up. The Pope is a man out of his time, and a lot of people are going to suffer for it.


  2. Doug you are saying what I had written in very polite way. The Christian Missionaries and Islamic Massionaries are the religious recruitment agencies has the right to work but it would be better for them to start respecting each other beliefs without trying to bring them into their own religion. The need of the time is to resolve the issues within Catholics and Muslim religion with the interpreation of Bible and Qur’an which teaches tolerance and eliminate the traditions which teaches hatred.

    Thank for you comments fair honest as always.

  3. Blogcommenter said

    You want Decency is the only requirement.” in your comments. You should practice what you preach: “Pope Benedict XVI is an idiot” “lost the intelligence because of old age and has developed some kind of mental problem” and your advice to the Pope is that he should “shut up”

    Thank you for representing your One God so accurately.

  4. You are right to some extent but word “idiot” is common word used even in front on children and “shut up” was very polite advice to Pope.

    I must be more polite when writing something but as a human do loose control of my emotions and say what is on my mind.

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