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Iran UN Sanctions after Midterm Elections.

Posted by QB on November 10, 2006

The Iran situation become more interesting after US midterm elections with Democrats taking control of Senate and House of Representatives. The US with Britain France and Germany is trying to approve its sanctions UN Security Council draft strongly opposed by Russia and China. Bush might face another blow by Democrats not ready to confirm his UN Ambassador John Bolton.

Iran Chief Negotiator is in Russia where he said that Iran will reconsider its ties with IAEA if European draft get approved without Russian changes. The chances are that European countries sanctions draft will not pass without Russian changes because of Russia’s financial interests are tied with Iran’s nuclear reactors with one billion contract.

Iran government has developed very good economic relations with the neighboring countries which includes Pakistan, India, Russia, China with their deals of supplying gas to these countries and the latest news is that Russia has proposed $7 billion gas pipeline which will supply gas to India. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said in the past Moscow was interested in the project and news agencies quoted him in June as saying gas monopoly Gazprom was ready to help implement and finance the pipeline.

That would be the case “especially as a project like this can pay for itself”, Putin was quoted as saying.

Deora said his Pakistani counterpart also welcomed the possibility of a Russian role, and he hoped Iran would also support it.

Israel and US are the only countries who wants to destroy Iran’s Nuclear facilities are helpless at the moment because they know the consequences of any air strike or invasion will be complete failure. Israel Deputy Defence Minister suggested in his comments that Israel might take military action against Iran Nuclear program which is denied by government spokesperson saying that this comment does not reflect Israel Government policy or Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Ehud Olmert did call Iran’s nuclear program a threat for West which really is not true. Iran if wanted to develop nuclear weapons than the fact is they are years away from development. There is still a possibility that US might get involved in another war if Israel government take military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities to protect their ally. The Evangelicals might be working secretly with Israel government and encouraging them to take the military action as this is what they want to bring Jesus Christ back and they will have rapture.


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