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South American Governments not US Enemy.

Posted by QB on November 9, 2006

This is in repose to one guy who believe that my comments were based on ignorance that Latin American governments are not US enemies. The truth is that guy himself is US government and media propaganda brainwashed person who really never try to analyze the changing political situation in South America. The fact is that US government is the enemy of poor people of South America who started to reject corrupt US backed politicians.

The US has the habit of interfering in internal affairs of all the countries of the world favoring corrupt politicians to gain power who protect their financial interests by letting their corporations to loot the natural resources of the country. The recent example of their interference was in Nicaragua where they openly supported Ortega opponent because of his socialists ideology. Ortega win the election despite all the negative propaganda by US and after that there was news flowing calling Ortega the enemy of US has gained power. The truth is Nicaragua is very small country which has suffered US backed terrorism which killed 30000 Nicaraguans. Ortega was the victim of US aggression not the aggressor when they supported the Contras. Nicaragua’s leftist President-elect Daniel Ortega promised yesterday the United States and business leaders that he will not push for radical economic reforms.

Cuba is another example of US embargo oppressive policy where people are suffering from long time just because they don’t like Fidel Castro communist ideology. Cuba economic situation started to improve now with Hugo Chavez policies which are improving the lives of common Cubans. Bolivia where Evo Morales is again becoming evil because he is nationalizing country’s natural gas oil and mining industry making it hard for foreign companies to steel their natural resources.

Hugo Chavez always said that he wanted good relations with US government but Bush regime plotted coup against him which leads to words of war. Hugo Chavez promised to extend hand for friendship to the next US President.

The problem is the majority of the Americans believe in all the lies and propaganda of their media and government without analyzing the situation that none of the South American country has the military capability to attack US. These South American government are developing economic social and defence alliances for their own protection against any US hostilities. I post comments after analyzing the situation not blindly going with lies and propaganda. I stick to my comments that South American governments are against the US aggressive policies not the people of US and they are not enemy, anybody want to call this ignorance, sure why not. There was a guy who really did not understand what hypocrisy means called me the hypocrite with very stupid comments.


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