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Rumsfeld forced resignation.

Posted by QB on November 9, 2006

The interesting news come within hours after Midterm Elections results that Rumsfeld had resigned. Bush admitted that this resignation as mutual decision made by himself and Rumsfeld for fresh perspective on Iraq war. Bush also admitted that he lied last week when he said that Rumsfeld will stay two more years as his Defence Secretary. The man who is replacing Rumsfeld Bob Gates has served in Reagan and his father administration who was also had some involvement in Iran Contra Affairs and he also is the member of Iraq Study Group lead by James Baker.

James Baker is the head of Iraq Study Group who will submit their report on Iraq next week to Bush. The leak information of this study group has suggestions to negotiate directly with Iran and Syria and withdrawal of all US troops. Bob Gates appointment is providing evidence that Bush is leaning towards reality and is willing to withdraw US occupation troops from Iraq in near future by claiming a big victory.

I will further analyze this after James Baker report made public. This is the initial reading of Iraq situation related to Rumsfeld resignation.


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