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US Elections Results.

Posted by QB on November 8, 2006

The results are in from yesterday US Midterm Elections with Democrats gaining control of the House of Representatives after 12 years. Senate is still undecided with Montana and Virgina races too close to call. The good news for the liberals is that Nancy Pelosi will the become first female Speaker of the House which is historical and this will be very bitter pill to sallow for Bush.

There were too many interesting races for Senate and the House but the greatest disappointment was the result of Connecticut where 26 percent of Democrats voted for Lieberman which will come to haunt them if he decided to change party to give majority to Republicans. The Senate is evenly divided with 49 seats by counting Lieberman and Vermont Independent Senator with Democrats. There are two more Senate races which are undecided the chances are that Jim Webb will win Virgina seat as be has 7,000 votes advantage over George Allen and lets us assume that Tester who is ahead of Burns with just 1,000 votes lost this seat to than the Senate will be evenly divided if we keep counting Joe Lieberman with Democrats. Joe Lieberman is opportunists who can change party for some very powerful Senate Committee Chairmanship which he will trying to prove it right by his own twisted corrupted views. The 26 percent Democrats who voted for Joe Lieberman will regret their vote and it will haunt them for all their lives. I hope and wish both Tester and Webb will keep their lead until the final count and the Lieberman situation never come into play.

There was only one Republican candidate Chafee which result was little sad to watch loosing his seat to Democrats but I believe this honest decent politician was in the wrong party at the wrong time.

The America will change the direction as pointed out by all Democrats after last night results, the truth is that nothing will change. Iraq is a mess today and it will be a mess until Americans have Vietnam type demonstrations against the war. The situation will not improve no matter who is in-change in White House Democrat or Republican until they admit their mistake of invading Iraq and decided to completely withdraw.


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